Girl Vs Boy

terry-teoThe popular 80’s comic book character Terry Teo is set to return to the small screen in 2014 as part of NZ on Air’s latest funding announcement.

Young people are the big winners from the latest NZ On Air television funding decisions. They’ll be treated to two local drama series in 2014 including the return of popular character, Terry Teo .

Terry Teo, a six-part drama for TV2, reprises the tale of a savvy teenager surviving the mean streets of Auckland which first emerged as a comic in 1982, then a much-loved live-action series in 1985. Continue reading »

5:00pm Sunday, July 1 on TV2

From the makers of the Emmy Award winning Reservoir Hill comes New Zealand’s first ever romantic ‘whodunnit’. It’s TV2’s brand new comedy, Girl Vs Boy.

The dramatic breakup of Hailey (Carolyn Dando) and Tim (Josh McKenzie) has divided the perfect, tight knit suburb of The Bay. Old friends are at war, and some are no longer talking. It’s total chaos and Maxine (Courtney Abbot) is caught in the middle.

Should she stay out of it? Hell yes. But that’s not her style; Max must get to the bottom of it!

Why? Because lovelorn Maxine wants back the symmetry that Tim and Hailey’s Romeo and Juliet-esque partnership brought to the community, and because something fishy is going on.

Who’s to blame? What went wrong? Can it be fixed? Why does Maxine care so much?

To make matters worse, the event the whole community has been waiting for is fast approaching; Hailey’s sister is set to be married. It’ll be an absolute disaster unless Maxine can heal the rifts between neighbours and get her best friends talking again.

Taking on an amateur detective role, Maxine is determined to find the truth and put The Bay back together. It’s a mammoth task, and Maxine only hopes she can do it without losing her friendships with Tim and Hailey.

Will Tim escape the Norwegian stalker Kjesten (Abby Damen)? Who’s the freaky Olaf (Chris Parker) guy following Maxine? And can Maxine possibly find love herself?