Girls In Love

Girls in Love Mondays, 5pm

Why is the boy you get never the one you want? Do parents take lessons in being embarrassing? How can you be yourself, without being too different to everyone else? Adapted from Jacqueline Wilson’s best-selling books, Girls in Love reveals the trials and tribulations of being 14 years old, Mondays at 5pm on TVNZ Family, on TVNZ 6.

Girls in Love is seen through the eyes of Ellie Allard, a switched-on teenager with an over-active imagination. Along with her two best friends, Magda and Nadine, Ellie tackles the dilemmas, frustrations and growing pains that plague teenage life – it’s one big rollercoaster ride of cringe-worthy embarrassment, misery and major excitement that never slows down.
The new show kicks off at the start of Ellie’s Year Nine. Her friends return from summer vacation with tales of holiday romance – flirting, dating and even snogging! It’s all too much for Ellie – even her dad is in love with his new girlfriend. She decides there’s only one thing to do: if the perfect boy doesn’t show up, Ellie will just have to make him up!

And so begin the trials and tribulations of Ellie’s life as a 14 year old – struggling to find her identity in a world where fitting in is boring, but sticking out is the worst thing ever.

Jacqueline Wilson has been applauded for her literary accounts of teenage angst and has won numerous awards for her writing. In the poll conducted by the BBC in the UK, The Big Read, Girls in Love was placed in the Top 100, along with Wilson’s other titles Double Act, Vicky Angel and The Story of Tracy Beaker.

Girls in Love is a must-see survival guide for anyone trying to make it through the confusing wilderness of teenage life.