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In a nod to the power of our local television and film industry talent, Quickflix today announces its agreement with South Pacific Pictures that sees over 120 hours of Kiwis’ most loved television series immediately made available across its entire platform, with more great content to be added in the near future.

Quickflix is proudly offering all five series of the much loved South Pacific Pictures production Go Girls to its subscribers, as well as Westie comedy-drama Outrageous Fortune.

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After all the hoopla over our Step Dave ratings post, we requested both the 18-39 and 18-49 data from Nielsen as we aren’t supplied this information usually. Here is some analysis based on this data.

Step Dave performed better in the 18-39 key demo with an average 9.2 rating compared to an 8.6 for Go Girls’ final season. In the 18-49 it was an 8.6 for Step Dave compared to a 7.7 for Go Girls.

Red: Step Dave | Blue: Go Girls Season 5

Red: Step Dave | Blue: Go Girls Season 5

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After watching the ratings drop across the season, the finale of Step Dave last night on TV2 enjoyed a bounce to an average audience of 244,900 viewers. This was the fourth highest rating episode of the season and the first that cracked the 200,000 mark since the sixth episode.

The question on everyone’s lips will be whether or not that finale spike will be enough to convince the network to give it a second season.

Red: Step Dave | Blue: Go Girls season 5

Red: Step Dave | Blue: Go Girls season 5

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step-daveAfter a reasonable start last week, Step Dave has maintained its audience in the second week with an average audience of 270,690 viewers, only 2,010 viewers less than on debut.

During the five seasons of Go Girls only the second season didn’t have a ratings dip in its second week so the consistent audience is a promising look for the new TV2 drama. Continue reading »

The information that was originally published in this post was based on incorrect data provided by Nielsen TAM and is wrong.  Updated analysis can be found here.

TV2’s new local comedy drama Step Dave had the worst possible start last night drawing in an average audience of only 194,250 viewers on debut.  This was down 27% on the season premiere of Go Girls which itself was down 20% on the season four premiere.  Furthermore, the debut delivered an audience that was 8% less than Go Girls fifth season average.

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StepDave.092309On Wednesday we published an article that stated that the ratings for TV2’s new drama Step Dave rated considerably lower than the final season of Go Girls and even Revenge from the year before.  As it now turns out, the ratings data we had been provided was incorrect.  It was initially reported that the show had only drawn an average audience of 194,250 viewers.  The actual average audience was significantly higher and was in fact 272,200 viewers.  That 40% discrepancy justifiably caused anguish amongst those at the network and production company who have been inundating me with complaints.

If we make the same comparisons as we did in the original post, Step Dave in fact rated higher on debut than any of the episodes from the fifth season of Go Girls. Combine that with the fact that it is February and people are still generally not inside watching TV in their droves just yet and the numbers don’t look anything like they did 24 hours ago. Continue reading »

Nothing TrivialThis year, The Blue Rose, Go Girls, Nothing Trivial, Harry and The Almighty Johnsons have all been axed by their respective networks, putting and end to jobs for countless cast and crew.  Granted, the ratings haven’t exactly been stellar but 2014 is going to be very scant when it comes to local drama and we, the viewers, will be worse off for it.

At the TVNZ launch, they lauded themselves as being champions of local content.  While Sunday Theatre will provide some expected good viewing on Sunday’s and Step Dave and Cover Band are looking promising (albeit more comedy than drama?), the TVNZ schedules are going to be pretty lacking of local drama compared to what we’ve been used to.  TV3 isn’t any better.

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It really has been a bad year for local drama ratings.  First, Go Girls had their worst rating season in five years.  Nothing Trivial launched their 3rd season with their lowest rating episode ever and the next two episodes producing even lower viewership figures again.

And then we come to TV3’s The Almighty Johnsons which ended it’s third season last night.  Despite being picked up for broadcast in Australia, the UK, Canada and even the US, its ratings have been rather disheartening here.

Season one had an average audience of 251,485 viewers.  Season two was down 23% to 193,669 viewers.  The third season, however, has ended with an average audience of 122,191 – that is 37% fewer viewers than season two and less than half of the audience who saw the first season.

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LisaCrawley_CD_CoverOur long time friend Lisa Crawley has released her new album All in My Head today and you can buy it now on iTunes.

You may remember Lisa as the keyboard player who miraculously seemed to be able to be at all of the “judges retreats” locations during the X Factor New Zealand.  She’s also appeared on a number of TV shows including The Blue Rose and Go Girls.

The revitalised, recast and reinvented fifth season of Go Girls has whimpered its way to a dismal end with the two hour season finale drawing an average audience of only 159,720 viewers, its lowest ever.

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