Going, Going, Gone

Sundays at 4.30pm

The hugely popular local series Going, Going, Gone has been a TVNZ favourite on for years, and now comes to TVNZ 6!

This reality series appeals to the magpie in us all, as it looks at Kiwis who have made the tough decision to sell their beloved treasures.

While they might think their possessions are valuable, who knows what will happen at auction?

Going, Going, Gone goes behind the scenes and into the homes of prospective buyers and collectors as they gear up for the items they simply must have on auction day. Meet the owners of these often wacky items, and find out how they came to possess their unique collections or objects, how their collections began, and the reason why they have decided to part with their treasure.

Going, Going, Gone also captures the excitement of auction; will the vendor make a profit? Will the buyer pay too much? What happens if the goods don’t sell? There is nowhere to hide on auction day!

Exciting, unpredictable and riveting to watch, Going Going Gone will have you rummaging through your garage to see what treasure you can unearth to make a quick buck.