Gok’s Fashion Fix

VIBE – Sundays from 20 February, 8.30pm

While designer price tags might be out of the question for most of us, for Gok that’s no barrier to style.

Gok with the support from fashion icon Alexa Chung, delves head-first into the world of fashion, looking at everything from designer style to chain store chic, and getting up close and personal with celebs and the public with exclusive and intimate access to the lives and wardrobes of some of the word’s most iconic stars and designers.

Friday 19 June, 7.30pm

Gok Wan continues to mend fashion woes, in the second series of Gok’s Fashion Fix tonight on TV ONE at 7.30pm. Each week he’ll go head-to-head in a catwalk face-off, with the leading names in designer fashion, to prove you don’t have to spend a fortune to look a million dollars.

Originally studying speech and drama, Gok Wan fell into the world of fashion by accident. He says he gave up the speech and drama because he didn’t get on with the course very well. “I bummed around for a little while, and then I went into hair and make-up. I was a session hair-and-make-up artist, and I then learned on the job. I started working with a fashion stylist and loved what she did, and that kind of inspired me to do it myself. It was all by chance.”

On Gok’s Fashion Fix, he helps people dress for less, but it’s not necessarily all about finding where the bargains are. “It’s about putting the clothes together for less.” Armed with £200, Gok says he has to style a whole outfit on the show, including shoes and accessories, all the customising and everything else.

But it can be easy when you know how: “We’ve got such a strong high street in [Britain], I think fashion is accessible to everyone. You’ve only got to walk down Oxford Street to discover that you don’t need thousands of pounds to buy a wonderful outfit.”

Lending a hand to everyone, the series sees Gok Wan bringing viewers his selection of ‘must have’ items on the high street; for those who want to ‘make do and mend’ their current wardrobe, he’ll have unique handy hints to update favourite pieces; eight unfashionable females will receive their ultimate Fashion Fix – Gok will clear out their closet and deliver them their own ultimate capsule wardrobe to wear for work, rest and play; and he’ll also be looking for skeletons in the closets of some of Britain’s most loved celebrities.

Plus, he’ll be helping eight larger ladies discover the perfect items to dress their curves. From finding a fabulous fitting pair of jeans, to tracking down a glamorous dress for a night out with the girls – Gok comes to the rescue.

The new season of Gok’s Fashion Fix starts tonight at 7.30pm on TV ONE.