7:00pm – Sunday, July 22 on TV 3

Shelley’s (Lucy Schmidt) world record is broken, forcing her to face old demons and find inspiration in the most unlikely of places in this week’s unmissable Golden season finale, screening on Sunday, July 22 nd at 7pm on 3. Rowing New Zealand, shaken by the news that Shelley’s world record is broken, decide that they want to see her row in a qualifier earlier than originally agreed. This news sends shock waves through the Team Bowman camp.

Shelley hits rock bottom, and finds herself face-to-face with her worst enemy – food. However, inspiration is finally found, before she brazenly decides that it’s time she overcomes her demons, if she’s going to go for gold.

As well as this, this week’s finale will also feature the return of guest star Kelson Henderson as Simon Sweet, as well as Hayden Frost guest starring as Warren, a suspicious supermarket staff member.

Golden producer, Charlotte Hobson says that casting the series’ guest stars was just as important to the series as the four core cast.

“It was vitally important to have good people in these role,” Hobson explains. “One of the things about comedy is that if you have a weak performance (and it may be one line in an episode), you will lose your audience.”

“We made a real attempt to cast people who we thought were extremely capable of delivering these lines and to make the scene funny as it was in the script and so we went out and we cast actors,” Hobson continues. “I feel like the casting has a lot of depth to it and that it really beefs up the credibility of the show. I can honestly say that there is no weak performance in the entire series and that’s quite a big achievement.”

Make sure not to miss the Golden season finale when the series concludes on Sunday, July 22 nd at 7pm on 3.



7:00pm – Sunday, June 24 on TV 3

While Bev (Jennifer Ludlam) continues to search for miracle weight-loss options for Team Bowman, Paul (Joel Tobeck) and Eliot (Jesse Griffin) struggle to overcome a major hurdle in Shelley’s training regime in this week’s unmissable Golden, continuing its hilarious season on Sunday, June 24 th at 7pm on 3. Lucy Schmidt, who portrays Golden’s Shelley Bowman says that working on the series was the first time she attempted rowing, giving her a newfound respect for the sport.

“I was absolutely unfamiliar with rowing and the first time I was actually in a boat was during the show,” Schmidt explains.

“I have nothing but absolute respect for people who row. It’s extraordinarily hard to row those races and give everything and you’ve just got to ignore the pain threshold and just keep going. So it’s something that personally I never would or could do.”

As for her own sporting achievements, Schmidt says she’s a long way away from her gold medal winning character.

“I don’t know how old I was but I got 4th in the road race at school,” Schmidt explains. “A couple of years ago my sisters and I did a triathlon and I finished both times. I got little medals for it.”But what about her character, are there more medals in store for Shelley Bowman? Schmidt is not giving much away, simply saying: “When we did our last scene on the shoot, tears just sprung out of my eyes.” What could this mean for Team Bowman? Find out when Golden continues on Sunday, June 24 th at 7pm on 3.



7:00pm – Sunday, June 17 on TV 3

Brand new to 3, this local comedy tells the story of Shelley Bowman – New Zealand’s golden girl, with the medals to prove it. But as The Games are on the horizon again, the big question is: Where is Shelley Bowman now? Find out in Golden, premiering on Sunday, June 17 th at 7pm on 3. After smashing all world records in the women’s single sculls, Shelley Bowman (Lucy Schmidt) was on top of the world. Watching from home, 4.28 million hearts soared with the New Zealand national anthem as the blonde, blue-eyed rowing champion accepted her gold medal. But a freak accident during the ceremony left Shelley injured and making headlines worldwide.

Three years later, we find Shelley holed up in the suburbs, having forgone training and tofu and taken up TV and pies. Sixty-five kilograms heavier and counting, Shelley is dependent on Eliot (Jesse Griffin) – her cousin, best friend and physiotherapist – to keep her in donuts and out of the spotlight. And although she gets daily visits from her mother, Bev (Jennifer Ludlam), lamenting the halcyon days when her daughter was the nation’s golden girl, Shelley remains deeply in denial and blas� about her return to glory. She’ll get back in shape; then she’ll be ready to face the world. But the clock is ticking and even Shelley knows that she can’t hide forever.

Motivation comes from ex-coach and jilted ex-boyfriend Paul Swanson (Joel Tobeck) appearing on the TV with his new prot�g�. When it becomes clear that he is making a bid for another gold medal with another rower, Shelley is suddenly very keen to make her comeback. But, although determined to regain her world champion fitness, Shelley quickly finds it’s not that easy. Bev has appointed herself diet guru, with unfortunate results, and Eliot is out of his league as stand-in coach. Without the expertise of Paul, ‘Team Bowman’ is missing a link. Initially, pride stands in the way of Shelley approaching Paul, but when Eliot finally gets her on the scales even Shelley has to admit they need him.

Can Paul be persuaded to accept the challenge and bring Shelley back to her former self? Find out when Golden premieres on Sunday, June 17 th at 7pm on 3.

Golden is a new comedy series from South Pacific Pictures coming soon to TV3 in New Zealand about a former gold medalist. Starring Lucy Schmidt, Jesse Griffin, Joel Tobeck & Jennifer Ludlam. Created & written by Lucy Schmidt & Stayci Taylor. Directed by Katie Wolfe. Produced by Charlotte Hobson.

South Pacific Pictures have just released some promo material for their new series – Golden.

The comedy, based around a former gold medal winner who has gotten a tad out of shape, will air on TV3 this year.  (We can only assume it’s supposed to be a former Olympic gold medalist but, due to the excessive control of the Olympic trademark you won’t be hearing any blatant statements to that effect.)

In the meantime…

Mediaworks TV have launched their 2012 new season for TV3 and Four with an interesting line up of new and old shows.

The event kicked off at the SkyCity Theatre in Auckland this morning with a mock X Factor style audition for the MC job. Video showed the network’s stars getting txt messages while they were recording their own shows and then bailing in the middle to rush to the audition.  The funnier of them all was Rachel Smalley leaving the Prime Minister during the middle of an interview.

Paul Henry was one of the judges who was ruthless in saying no to everyone, including Mike McRoberts, Ben Boyce and the 7 Days crew.  In the end, having been appalled at the talent, Henry decided that if you wanted a job done properly, then you did it yourself.

Henry took to the stage to introduce the event and the various presenters but not before he told a number of expletive ridden stories, mainly directed at his former employer TVNZ.

Everyone had been given fortune cookies as we arrived.  Paul opened his and read, “If you sit by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.”

Many of TV3’s best performers are back in 2012 as well as new international dramas and some promising looking local shows.

On the local front, TV3’s programmer Kelly Martin has confirmed that The X Factor New Zealand is definitely in the works. The X Factor Australia, which is currently on across the Tasman, will screen during the summer.  

Also receiving some localization is the hit Australian show The Block.

New local comedies include a new panel show hosted by Jesse Mulligan called Would I Lie To You? based on the UK series.  Funny Roots will take comedians back to their roots to see if their routines work on them.  Also on the cards is a new comedy series from South Pacific Pictures called Golden, about an overweight rower who was a gold medal winning Olympian and has decided they want to get back in shape.

Possibly the most anticipated show will be at 7pm on Sunday night. The Paul Henry Show.  The format is still in development but no doubt it will be a hit.

The new dramas to look out for on TV3 are Homeland, a new cable show from the makers of 24, Awake, Grimm, Terra Nova, The Finder and American Horror Story from the makers of Nip/Tuck and Glee.

TV3 are planning on taking TV2 head on on Wednesday with new comedies Up All Night starring Christina Applegate and Last Man Standing which features the return of Tim Allen in a new fatherhood role, this time of daughters.

Two other shows to watch out for are Deadliest Roads and local show Road Madness which is real footage taken from the cabs of trucks on New Zealand roads.  You can only guess what that trailer looks like!

New Shows:
American Horror Story
Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms
Deadliest Roads
Funny Roots
Last Man Standing
Paul Henry Show
Road Madness
Terra Nova
The Block
The Finder
Up All Night
Would I Lie To You?

7 Days
Grand Designs Australia
Grand Designs UK
Home and Away
ITM Fishing Show
Missing Pieces
Modern Family
NCIS: Los Angeles
New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker
Nurse Jackie
Project Runway
Road Cops
Sons of Anarchy
The Almighty Johnsons
The Big C
The Comedy Gala
The Good Wife
The Graham Norton Show
The Secret Lives of Dancers
The X Factor
What’s Really In Our Food?
60 Minutes
3 News: Firstline 
3 News at 12
3 News
Campbell Live
Sports Tonight