Gordon Ramsay Cookalong Live

Saturday 25 July, 7.30pm

TV ONE’s new series, Gordon Ramsay Cookalong Live, sees Ramsay take on his toughest challenge yet, daring viewers to attempt to cook with him as he prepares a delicious three course meal in just one hour, LIVE (starting toinight at 7.30pm).

Each week, Ramsay and a celebrity guest will together cook for seven lucky diners in front of a LIVE studio audience. In just one hour, he will prove that everyone, no matter how rarely they cook, can prepare and enjoy mouth-watering home-made food in just 60 minutes. Simple but impressive, each menu is designed to be within the grasp of even the most reluctant beginner, so by the end of the series viewers can be taken from kitchen zero to kitchen hero.

Ramsay says he thinks people are partly frightened and part lazy when it comes to cooking, mainly because of how easy it is to buy dinner without any hassle.

“What I’d like, is people to spend two or three nights a week eating only home-cooked, good food. I grew up with the Galloping Gourmet and it was fascinating theatre. I was adamant it got taped before I went to play football so I could come home and watch it – because it was LIVE and it was interesting.”

He believes Britain’s growing interest in food has come from British food’s bad reputation. “I don’t know if you ever see in the French press or the Spanish press, but we always get a panning. Unfortunately we’re in the doldrums and it’s doom and gloom. It’s nice to put a stake in the ground and say not just that we’re proud to be British, but we’re a nation with phenomenal ingredients.”

While Ramsay says some people are born cooks, he thinks everyone can learn. “If you have the will, desire and passion, you can cook anything.”

His advice to would-be chefs is that one utensil every kitchen needs is a really good frying pan, “because it’s so versatile”. The most indispensable herb in his kitchen at home is basil, and lemon thyme, which he grows in pots on the windowsill. While his favourite food, hands-down, is Chicken Madras: “Curries: I love them!”

Cookalongs include: curry night; a credit crunch dinner; posh nosh made easy; and a seasonal Christmas menu. Staying in is the new going out so there’s never been a better time to learn to cook for yourself and friends.

Prior to the episode, a list of simple ingredients will appear online at tvnz.co.nz/cookalong and in the Woman’s Day. All viewers have to do is buy the food, move a television set into the kitchen, invite some friends over, and get ready to cookalong with Ramsay.

Episode one is ’70s Night’; get the flares out for Saturday Night Fever and follow Ramsay’s step-by-step guide to cooking a delicious menu that’s a retro 70s feast.