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My, my. Hasn’t Taylor Momsen moved on.

breaking-bad-saulBreaking Bad creator talks spin-off

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan has offered some details on the proposed spin-off featuring Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk). “We’re in early discussions for a spinoff,” Gilligan confirmed to Vulture. “In my dream version of it, I would help create the pilot and arc out the first season and then basically transition away and let Peter Gould, who created the character, run it. We’re still trying to figure out whether it’s a half-hour or an hour. It’s lighter than Breaking Bad, but it’s not a sitcom.”

Hudson linked to Idol judging role

Jennifer Hudson has been strongly linked to the judges panel on American Idol for next season. Other former Idol finalists Adam Lambert, Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson have also been approached. Continue reading »

FuturamaFuturama cancelled again

Futurama has been cancelled for a second time. Comedy Central has confirmed that the animated series will not return after its seventh season.

Kardashian not returning to The X Factor USA

Khloe Kardashian will not return as co-host of The X Factor USA. Kardashian was met with criticism last year in her first season in the job. Her co-host Mario Lopez will be back. Continue reading »

Arrested-DevelopmentArrested Development release date confirmed 

The date has been announced for when the new Arrested Development season will premiere online. The fifteen new episodes will be available on Netflix in the US on May 26.

Walking Dead getting more complicated

The Walking Dead producer Gale Ann Hurd has said that the fourth season of the series will grow “more complicated”. “The world is certainly no safer [next season],” Hurd told the LA Times. “In fact, it becomes a lot more complicated. I think that our band of survivors might have become a little too complacent about the threat that the walkers pose. They’re a very serious threat. I think the complacency towards walkers has probably run its course.” Continue reading »

Gossip Girl finale details released
American network CW has announced a few details for the final Gossip Girl episode. It will be a two-hour finale, and will broadcast in the US on 17 December. CW says the episode will include “A whole lot of drama and a look back at the unforgettable OMG moments of the series that made headlines, including interviews with the cast and creators themselves.”

Hurricane Sandy benefit planned by NBC

NBC Universal is planning a telethon to raise money to help people on the east coast of the US who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Continue reading »

When storm Sandy dug her claws into the East Coast of the US, the entertainment industry was hardly the biggest concern when both lives and livelihoods were at stake across several states.

But in the aftermath of the storm, the Hollywood Reporter has detailed the effect the violent weather had on the TV industry in New York.

When Sandy hit New York, there were 21 TV series currently in production in the city including Person of Interest, Gossip Girl, 30 Rock and new Kevin Bacon drama The Following. Continue reading »

Hurricane Sandy halts filming of TV shows
Hurricane Sandy has stopped the filming of many shows that are based on the east coast of the US. They include, Person Of Interest, The Good Wife, 30 Rock, Law And Order: SVU, Smash, Nurse Jackie, The Big C, Jimmy Kimmel, and many others which aren’t on New Zealand screens. It’s also closed cinemas and live shows in many areas. Some networks are also postponing new episodes of shows by one week. These shows include How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls, Hawaii Five-0, Mike And Molly, Gossip Girl, and 90210.

Anderson Cooper’s show cancelled
Anderson Live has been cancelled. It was only in its second year of production, but low ratings has meant it won’t be returning next year. Continue reading »

Lindsay Lohan to do interview with Barbara Walters
Lindsay Lohan has agreed to a sit-down interview with Barbara Walters, to be conducted sometime in the next few weeks. TMZ says the interview will “focus on the parallels between the lives of Lindsay and Liz Taylor (who she’s portraying in an upcoming movie called Liz And Dick) – things like child stardom, a rough childhood, living life in the public, and also dealing with addiction.

Former Lost star to guest-star on Person Of Interest
Person Of Interest is gaining another former Lost star on its show. Fellow Lost veterans Alan Dale and Ken Leung have already guest-starred on the show, and now Mark Pellegrino, who played Continue reading »

Meester labels Gossip Girl “tedious”

Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester says she believes the drama is ending at the right time, as it is becoming “sort of tedious”. “I think it’s ending at a beautiful, perfect time,” Meester told Vulture. “But it’s [also] because our contracts are up. I don’t think anyone wants to stay after their contracts.”

Shameless ending next year

UK series Shameless will come to an end following its 11th season next year, it has been confirmed by Channel 4. Continue reading »

Chris Noth to star in Titanic miniseries
Chris Noth, who played Big on Sex and the City, is set to star in a 12-part miniseries about the building of the Titanic, playing business magnate J.P. Morgan. The series will be called Titanic: Blood and Steel. 

Cee Lo Green calls Idol feud ‘fake’
Cee Lo Green, who is a coach on The Voice, has hinted that he believes the feud between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj is just a publicity stunt.  Continue reading »