Graffiti Verite

GRAFFITI VERITE, an offbeat, eclectic art series, premieres on Maori Television on Friday December 21 at 8.30 PM. The three programmes explore the underground art and music scene of urban Los Angeles.

Director Bob Bryan takes us into this world with an intriguing mix of underground art, music and extensive interviews with street artists.

Driving and linking the series are the twin strands of contemporary art and music, intertwined in any culture, but perhaps more so ‘on the street’.

GRAFFITI VERITE promises to challenge our traditional perceptions of graffiti art and artists by introducing viewers to over 400 pieces of high-end street art. The series also looks back to ancient history – hieroglyphs and cave paintings – to what parallels can be drawn with today’s contemporary graffiti art.

Episode 1 December 21– GRAFFITI VERITE – Read the Writing on the Wall – Includes interviews and behind the scenes views of 24 of Los Angeles’ most prolific and talented graffiti artists

Episode 2 – December 28 – GRAFFITI VERITE – Freedom of Expression – seeks out those artists who ply their incendiary craft on the walls of our cities while we sleep. It’s a visually hypnotic ride.

Episode 3 – January 4 – GRAFFITI VERITE – A Voyage into the Iconography of Graffiti Art – exploring how people express themselves in hip-hop cultures using various types of graffiti. Artists explain why they’ve chosen this medium and what audience they think they’re reaching – music from around the world underscores the narrative.

GRAFFITI VERITE the must-see, eclectic art series premiering on Maori Television Friday December 21 at 8.30 PM.