Great American Roadtrip

7:30pm Tuesday, December 14 on TV2

TV2’s brand new reality series Great American Roadtrip sees seven ordinary families from all walks of life set off for a funny, heart-warming adventure of a lifetime.

Over the series, they take a road trip across their country, travelling in specially branded RVs, and are thrown straight into life on the road. Forced to live on top of each other, they soon find out there’s nowhere to hide.

Touring comedian Reno Collier hosts the show and told he was thrilled to be working with such a diverse mix of families. “They’re all different,” he says. “The families come from every region of the country and some of them are really excited; some of them are kind of laid back. It was a great group as far as it’s not a bunch weirdoes…it’s not like just out-of-control character people, it’s real families.”

Although the families come from various backgrounds, and tension between them is guaranteed, Collier was surprised by the relationships that developed. He says, “[The families] don’t have cell phones; the kids don’t have video games, and they’re in those RVs. So my favourite part was watching them come together. Where I thought they would explode and they would come apart, they actually got closer together.”

Each week the families are faced with surprising and unforgettable challenges set in iconic landmarks unique to their country. Never before have family ties been so tested, as each family battles it out to stay in the game with the hope of winning a life-changing prize package including $100,000 cash, a $50,000 college bursary for the kids and an array of amazing prizes for them to enjoy as a family.

Which family has what it takes to go all the way and win the Great American Roadtrip?