Great British Hairdresser

VIBE – Sundays from 8 January, 9.30pm

Back-combing, egos and the odd bad hair day guaranteed! Hairstylist to A-list stars and supermodels, James Brown is on the hunt for the next great Big Thing in hairdressing and meets a host of English eccentrics along the way. Throughout the national heats and elimination rounds, the competition is fierce and the feedback candid – but the prize is a life-changing glossy magazine cover shoot and a job in James’s Mayfair salon. James is on the hunt for someone that has the talent to break out of their high street salon (just like he did) and make it in the world of celebrity fashion and hair. The average salary for a UK stylist is �20K… a top session hairstylist can earn that in a day. Helping James is Jo Elvin, editor of Glamour Magazine, and model Abbey Clancy with guest appearances by pop superstars Lily Allen and Danni Minogue.