Great British Waste Menu

FOOD TELEVISION – Monday 30 May, 7.30pm

Great British Waste Menu follows four of the UK’s top chefs – Angela Hartnett, Richard Corrigan, Matt Tebbutt and Simon Rimmer – as they journey deep into the heart of Britain’s food waste problem, exploring why huge quantities of perfectly edible food are thrown away or rejected. The scale of the food waste problem is eye-popping. Every year, British homes throw away enough food and drink to fill 4,700 Olympic sized swimming pools. Retailers throw away 400,000 tonnes of food every year. And it’s estimated that around 4 million apples, 5.3 million potatoes, 2 million tomatoes, 2.3 million ham slices, 1.8 million yoghurts, 1.4 m sausages and 7 million slices of bread are binned every day.

Shocked by the scale of the problem the four chefs agree to take on a challenge that will test their culinary skills to the limit: can they create a fabulous banquet for over 60 VIPs using the food that the rest of us don’t want? Can they create restaurant-standard food using ingredients that have been discarded, rejected or deemed unsuitable for sale? Will they be able to change the way we all think about the food we waste? The dishes the chefs create will be judged by four of the nation’s toughest food critics – Matthew Fort, Prue Leith, Oliver Peyton and Jay Rayner – who will decide which dishes should go onto the menu for a lavish banquet designed to prove that we should all be saving our scraps.