Greek on TV2

2:00pm Sunday, November 14 on TV2

TV2’s college life drama, Greek, returns for a fifth season at the all new time of Sunday 2pm.

Focusing on the social minefield that is the Greek system at Cyprus-Rhodes University, Rusty (Jacob Zachar) and his sister Casey (Spencer Grammer) must navigate their way through the fraternity and sorority life – their previously non-existent relationship becoming intertwined as Rusty tries to live the party life.

In this week’s episode, it’s the day after the end of the world party which has changed some people’s lives dramatically. Max (Michael Rady) has gone back to England since Casey broke his heart, and Rusty, who is now failing the honors programme, is on a mission to complete his chemistry project.

Casey, still hurt from her encounter with Cappie (Scott Michael Foster) at the party, agrees to take charge and help her brother. But when Cappie shows up also intending to help Rusty, the three must awkwardly work on the project together – not without confronting each other about what really happened the night before.

2:00pm Saturday, August 8 on TV2

In the aftermath of Spring Break, an annual competition puts the inter-frat friendships to the test, this week in Greek.

Rebecca, already angry about her father’s infidelity, finds her wet T-shirt antics from Spring Break have made her an internet sensation on campus. Mortified, she continues to lash out, threatening to damage her relationship with her sorority sisters.

In the Greek Week competition, Rusty and Calvin try to remain neutral but, as the rivalry between fraternities intensifies, how long can they keep it up? Meanwhile, Evan and Frannie’s secret relationship might not be a secret for too much longer…


13 July

Sunday 13 July, 5.30pm

Spencer Grammer is no stranger to television. The star of TV2’s college-set drama Greek made her on-screen debut at age nine on a 1992 Cheers episode, playing a guest at Frederick Crane’s birthday party opposite her real-life dad, Kelsey Grammer.

While her father can possibly take the credit for scoring his daughter her first appearance, the younger Grammer success is all of her own making. For the uninitiated, the effervescent Grammer plays quintessential sorority girl Casey on Greek.
Spencer Grammer says growing up on sets with her father, she always loved the industry. She was heading to university when she landed a six-month part on As The World Turns. Soon after that finished, she was cast in Greek.

She says her father expressed concerns about her becoming an actor, but has always given her useful advice. “He wanted to make sure that I chose to be an actress because it was something that I truly wanted more than anything else.”

As the second series of Greek kicks off today on TV2, Casey is facing life on campus as a suddenly single Zeta Beta Zeta sister, who just wants to make sure the school carnival goes off without a hitch.

The show focuses on college life and the social minefield that is the Greek system. Viewers join this unique cast of characters as they navigate their way through this treacherous terrain and try to find their place at Cypress Rhodes University, USA.

Rusty (Jacob Zachar), Casey’s younger brother, is determined to make his college life more exciting than his high school years, which he spent with his head buried in the books. His answer – no more geek, he’s going Greek! However, he faces the one small obstacle, his popular older sister.

Episode one sees Rusty and Casey return to CRU for the new semester, but they must contend with the backlash from Jen K’s story, and deal with the fallout from their relationships. Meanwhile, Cappie (Scott Michael Foster) and Rebecca (Dilshad Vadsaria) must make a choice about their relationship.