Green Wing

I love Wednesdays and here’s three reasons why:

“The Simpsons” 7:30 TV3
“My Fair Laddy”
In a parody of ‘My Fair lady’ Lisa attempts to turn Groundskeeper Willie into a proper gentleman.

“The Office” 8:00 TV3
“Health Care”
This is the turning point in the season that takes it from a decent remake to an hit in it’s own right. Dwight is assigned the job of picking the best health care plan and let’s just say he doesn’t share the same view as the rest of the staff.

“Green Wing” 9:50 TV One
Jonanna and Statham’s paranoia get’s the better of them in the finale of the season.

So there you have it.Until next time….

Don’t miss the final of the critically acclaimed comedy series ‘Green Wing’.

Wednesday 29 November, 9.45pm, TV One

In tonight’s episode: Paranoia reaches breaking point for Joanna and Statham, and they’re forced to take drastic action. Mac, Guy and Martin make an offer to Caroline that she can’t refuse. Only she does. Or does she?

Green WingIt’s ‘Scrubs’ meets ‘The Office’ on Green Wing, the hilarious british comedy on Wednesday nights on TVONE.

From the award-winning team behind Smack the Pony, this genre-defying comedy continues to prove medical issues needn’t have any relevance in a hospital setting. Part surreal soap, part comedy drama, Green Wing’s characters now face the unenviable task of clearing up the mess they left behind at the end of series one.

The same ensemble cast are in place for more brilliantly observed, sophisticated mayhem.

And the cast is bloody brilliant! From the “under-deodorised” Dr. Todd to the hospital’s most eccentric resident, Dr. Statham… the characters are so diverse and so damn funny!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check this show out. The funniest thing I’ve seen since The Office.

Wednesday, 9.45pm, TVONE

In the meantime, here are some YouTube clips to tide you over:

Dr. Alan Statham Recorder Dance
Alan tries a spontaneous courtship dance but unfortunately Joanna has
sent round one of her staff in her place.

Gall Bladder
Alan is upset that he doesn’t have a good parking space and enters the
operation room to cause a little trouble.

Confiscatio Secundo!
Boyce tries to get his Potty Putty back.

Take It Back!
Boyce winding up Alan again.

Sue has some fun with helium.

Phone Call
Another of Alan’s revenge plans fail.