Grey’s Anatomy

According to XTRAMSN, in the next four to six weeks Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy and Lost will be returning to TV2.

If the shows screen in the same timeslots as in 2006, we could see:

Wow, some amazing shots of Patrick Dempsey and his pregnant wife Jillian in Life Magazine (January 12 2007 issue) and a nice interview. He talks about having dyslexia, his new movie Freedom Writers with Hilary Swanks and more.

The Morning Crew are back on ZM next Monday morning (January 22nd) and Polly has been busy interviewing lots of TV stars:

Ok girls! Fans of McDreamy HAVE to see these gorgeous photos of him! Mmmmm!! I love #2 the most! Oh, and there’s an interview too but I kept getting distracted from reading it hahah!

Patrick and his wife admit going to couples therapy for checkups to keep their relationship on track. The couple have a four year old daughter (Talula) and are now expecting twins due in the winter (US).

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Patrick Dempsey, who plays Dr. Derek Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy, has come runner-up at the International Jugglers Competition in Cleveland, Ohio. Anthony Gatto came first.

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hi, could some one please post the date the new season of grey’s anatomy starts on tv2. thanx

Grey’s Anatomy will be adding a new cast member sometime this season. Elizabeth Reaser (“Saved”) will be joining the Grey’s Anatomy cast as a psychiatrist.

This is going to be great – there’s a DEFINITE need for Meredith, Derek, George, Izzie, wait.. EVERYONE – to be psycho-analysed with some therapy! They’re all a messed up lot!


Sandra Oh is now official single after getting her divorce from Alexnader Ayne finalised just a couple of days before Christmas. The pair were married in 2003 and Sandra filed for divorce in 2005.

Katherine Heigl (Izzy) and Josh Kelley are said to be planning a winter 2008 wedding after getting engaged in June. Read more »