Grumpy Guide To Christmas

9:00pm Tuesday, December 25 on Prime


Ozzy Osbourne actually considers himself lucky to have missed the whole thing one year following a horrific quad bike injury. Why? Because it’s Christmas again, grumpy style! With tales of seasonal Tourette’s, inappropriate present buying, and the eating of reindeer, here is the latest in a long line of celebrities with hilarious tales of festive humbug. Have a very grumpy Christmas everyone. Featuring, Ozzy Osbourne, Al Murray, Neil Morrissey and Mark Radcliffe.

7:30pm Sunday, December 18 on Prime


For those of a disgruntled disposition, Christmas and the accompanying brouhaha cause no end of exasperation, so this irritable cast is sure to be on particularly grouchy form as they get stuck into a sackful of seasonal grumbles. Narrated by Geoffrey Palmer, the show tackles the full gamut of holiday horrors, from parties and pantomimes to the pressures of forced jollity and Sir Cliff Richard’s ‘Mistletoe and Wine’.