Grumpy Guide To

Tuesday 7th February 10.05pm


We guess we’re talking for an awful lot of Grumpies out there when we say that top of the Grumpy tree as far as irritating goes are teenagers. What’s not to hate? They are lounging around, often in your house, without proper jobs, but apparently not able to do anything much at all except eat pizza and drink all your beer. They also seem unable to communicate with anyone over the age of about 20. This romp through the adolescent world of “yoof” gives you some tips on how to make contact with this alien life force (if you really feel you have to) and really lets rips on those things about the youth of today that really get the Grumpy goat.

Tuesday 31st January 10.05pm


This very popular and entertaining series, sees some of the wittiest and most insightful social commentators in the 35-55 age range cast their eyes over everything from holidays to political correctness and they tell us just what it is that drives them nuts.