Guyon Espiner

3rd-degree-2014-mwnsWith Guyon Espiner’s departure to Radio NZ, the bromance between him and Garner is over as Samantha Hayes is called up to take the reins.  Here’s hoping one lot of awkward isn’t replaced with another though.

Samantha Hayes is joining Duncan Garner to co-host of 3rd Degree when the in-depth current affairs programme returns soon on TV3.

Director of News and Current Affairs, Mark Jennings says: “Feedback from viewers last year was very positive on having dual presenters.  Guyon Espiner and Duncan Garner brought contrasting styles and different points of view to the programme and Samantha Hayes will undoubtedly bring her own unique style too. Continue reading »

Guyon Espiner resigned from his role on TV3’s 3rd Degree and passed on a job hosting a revamped The Nation in 2014 to take up the role as co-host on Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report.

Espiner will begin the role in April.

The announcement will bring changes to 3rd Degree which was regularly panned for its bromance of Espiner/Garner which failed to fire in the ratings in 2013.   Continue reading »