Hamish And Andy’s Gap Year

9:30pm – Tuesday, August 9 on TV 3

Earlier this year former Rove cast members, Hamish and Andy decided that they will be going on a gap year to America. However, Hamish and Andy remembered that they had promised a few people they would do a TV show this year as well, so they’ll now attempt to combine their dream gap year with a TV series – Hamish And Andy’s Gap Year, premiering on Tuesday, August 9 th at 9:30pm on 3. “Tragically, we never took a gap year after school, instead devoting ourselves to a gruelling six hours a week of university,” Hamish explains about the boys’ latest adventure.

“This year will be a chance to right that terrible wrong and at the same time enjoy our other passion: making television,” adds Andy. “America also serves soft drink in really huge cups, so Hame can’t wait.”

“The whole point of this gap year is to see where the journey will take us, who we might meet, and what might happen,” continues Hamish. “Sort of like a choose-your-own-adventure book, but hopefully with fewer dragons. Actually on second thought, finding a dragon would be terrific. We should look into that.” As well as actually booking flights, Hamish and Andy are concerned that there are still some big things to organise.

“I haven’t got mum and dad’s permission yet,” says Andy. “And Hamish needs to assure his mum he’s responsible enough to borrow her flesh-coloured money belt.”

Will the boys be able to iron out these little details in time for their departure flight? Find out when Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year premieres on Tuesday, August 9 th at 9:30pm on 3.