Hannah Montana

DISNEY CHANNEL – Friday 22-Monday 25 April, 6am – 6pm daily

Hannah Montana, all Easter weekend.

DISNEY CHANNEL – Saturday 5 February, 6.30pm

Miley is now faced with living life out in the open as a celebrity and must learn how to deal with it. Aunt Dolly (played by country music icon Dolly Parton) comes to town to offer her words of wisdom and gives her sound advice.

DISNEY CHANNEL – Friday 27 August, from 6pm

Robby fails to register Miley for senior high school in time so she is forced to wait an entire semester before beginning. When the Principal (played by Ray Liotta) makes an exception for Hannah, Miley thinks she’s solved her problem but ultimately doesn’t like all the celebrity attention.

All the while, Jackson is paranoid when Siena asks him out on a date.

DISNEY CHANNEL – Friday 20 August, 6pm

The ‘Hannah Montana’ season 4 premiere ‘Sweet Home Hannah Montana’ with guest star Tammin Sursok (Home and Away) airs on Disney Channel!

When the Stewarts move into their new home in Malibu, Miley and Lilly must find a way to tell Robby that they don’t like the ‘little girl’ room d�cor that’s just like Miley’s old room in Tennessee.

Meanwhile, Jackson must learn to befriend a newbie, T.J., in order to land a date with T.J.’s cousin Siena (played by Tammin), the swimsuit model who lives next door!

Clarkson still offensive

The BBC has been forced to cut an offensive homosexual remark from Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson on the latest season of the motoring show in the UK. Gay rights groups have criticised Clarkson for the remark “I demand the right not to be bummed”, with one opponent saying “surely the reason Clarkson doesn’t want to get bummed is that he needs somewhere to speak out of.”

Bardem linked to Glee role

Yet another Glee rumour is circulating and this time it’s Javier Bardem’s name attached to the hit series. Entertainment Weekly is adamant the Oscar winner is set for a cameo to play a Spanish rockstar who befriends Artie (Kevin McHale).

Celebrity overload for Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana has booked a swag of celebrity guests for its final season run later this year. Among those to appear will be Sheryl Crow, Ray Liotta, Dolly Parton, and Dr Phil McGraw.

Seacrest casting for new show

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest is on the hunt for participants for his new reality show which will see people try to overcome their fears and phobias. The series called The Incurables will use a professional therapist to work “tirelessly and aggressively” to save the participants lives.

Stephanie Pratt heading to The City?

With the death of The Hills official, cast member Stephanie Pratt is looking to jump ship to join the series spin-off The City. Fronted by ex-Hills regular Whitney Port and shooting in New York, The City may have Pratt on board for the next season despite her minor connections to the cast.

Palin Jr makes acting debut

Controversial politician Sarah Palin’s daughter has made her acting debut in an episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager and apparently she’s terrible. Bristol Palin was described as barely conveying any emotion whatsoever, and haltingly delivering her lines with a blank stare.  

Futurama bag Susan Boyle

Futurama creators have taken a swipe at British singing sensation Susan Boyle on the latest episode of the cartoon by portraying her as a “boil” on the buttocks of one of the characters. Apparently she even sings…

DISNEY CHANNEL – Monday 26 April, 6pm

Don’t miss the finale of Hannah Montana, Season 3 this April! With a

special two-part episode, you’d be mad to miss it! In the first part, Miley misses her horse Blue Jeans and brings him to Malibu, where keeping a horse proves difficult. Miley begins to think maybe she and Blue Jeans really belong back in Tennessee.

DISNEY CHANNEL – Monday 5 April, 6pm

In “The Wheels Near My Bed (Keep on Turnin’)” (April 5), Lilly’s mum gets a job in Atlanta but her mum agrees to let her live with the Stewarts. After one night with Lilly’s late night phone calls, tossing and turning in her sleep and other annoying habits, Miley wakes up tired and cranky and Lilly overhears

her complaining to Robbie Ray about how miserable it is to live with Lilly.

DISNEY CHANNEL – Friday 2-Monday 5 April, from 6am daily

Four days, 83 episodes, one show! Catch every episode of Hannah Montana from 6am to 6.30pm daily over the Easter long weekend. Happy Easter!

DISNEY CHANNEL – Saturday 14 March, from 11am

Catch two Hannah Montana episodes in a row this Saturday, both of them including Miley’s favourite catchphrase, “Say What?”.

DISNEY CHANNEL – Monday 8 March, 6pm

In “Got To Get Her Out Of My House”, Miley feels guilty for accidentally getting Lilly fired from her job. When Miley convinces Lilly to become their

housekeeper, her cleaning techniques drive the Stewarts up the wall, so Miley and Jackson devise a plan to get Lilly’s old job back. Meanwhile, Oliver takes a job at Rico’s, who tries to make Oliver miserable enough to quit.