Happy Hour

nz-on-air-logo-300Temuera Morrison has landed himself more work hosting a new series for TV One.

Both light entertainment and examination of a significant historic event will be covered in new programmes funded by NZ On Air under its Māori programming strategy, Te Rautaki Māori.

Hikoi, a one-hour one-off documentary will focus on the 1975 Land March. It will retrace the steps of the original marchers, speak to living participants and use archival footage of the actual march. Made by Scottie Douglas Productions, it will screen on TV One. Continue reading »

Happy Hour Friday 2 November, 8.00pm

In this new TV2 comedy from the executive producers of That ’70s Show, straight-laced Henry Beckman’s about to learn that the bad times are over, and the good times are about to begin… it’s Happy Hour.

Henry (John Sloan) had it all; a great job, a perfect girlfriend and a sweet apartment. He had been a big fish in a small pond in Amsterdam, Missouri, but as soon as he let his girlfriend Heather (D’Orsay) talk him into moving to Chicago to work for her family’s business, it all went horribly wrong.
In the span of one morning, Henry gets dumped by Heather, learns he can no longer work for Heather’s uncle, and then gets kicked out of their apartment. It’s in this vulnerable state that he finds his new roommate, a vain, flashy, loveable rogue named Larry (Lex Medlin).

Larry has just lost his own roommate and best friend, Brad (Faxon). In Larry’s opinion, Brad has suffered a fate worse than death – he’s gotten engaged to the shrewish Tina (Denbo), a controlling fiancée who is immune to Larry’s considerable charm. Larry needs a new roommate, but more than that, he needs somebody to listen to his provocative theories about life and women. After all, one can’t be a charismatic leader without followers.

Under Larry’s tutelage, Henry begins to rebuild his life, working for Larry’s childhood friend Amanda (Lacke), a beautiful mess looking for love. Will Henry manage to hold onto his traditional values and remain a hopeless romantic? Or will Larry indeed “build a better Brad” out of his replacement? Whatever happens on the way to Happy Hour, around 4.00pm, they will always have an excuse to order a round and raise a glass.

Happy Hour, TV2’s newest comedy, Friday 2 November 8.00pm.