Harry-OscarK1. What does your job entail?

Making stuff up which is great fun, stories are awesome. And then when acting trying to lie sincerely so the audience believes what the characters is going through even though it’s made up.

2. Share your favourite work story

I love that my work stories are no where near as full on as say the police detectives’ work stories. One from Harry I can share was when I had this device police called a “key” to smash down the door. The first time I tried with the camera’s rolling and actors standing by I missed the door hit the wall next to it instead. My teeth were chattering for a week after.

3. What are your three favourite TV shows right now?

The Wire, Southpark and Q.I. Continue reading »

HarryTonight TV3 is premiering the new six-part Kiwi drama Harry, which marks the first appearance of Sam Neill in a New Zealand TV series.

Neill is joined by Oscar Kightley in the Auckland-set crime drama centring on Kightley’s Detective Harry Anglesea, a “solo father struggling with his personal demons as he investigates a major murder case”.

Neill plays Harry’s boss and mentor, Jim “Stocks” Stockton.

The series is influenced by actual events in New Zealand’s history over the last decade. Continue reading »

Here is the list of new shows and returning shows to TV3 in 2013.  You will notice a stong line up of new local shows with a number of new ones from the various stars of 7 Days.  There is no specific word on a return of The GC or The Ridges but both were represented at the TV3 New Season launch today so don’t be surprised if they make a reappearance next year. Continue reading »

International leading man Sam Neill is joining one of New Zealand’s best-loved performers, Oscar Kightley in HARRY, a six-part crime drama series produced by Desert Road for TV3, which begins filming today.

Set in Auckland, HARRY follows Detective Harry Anglesea (Kightley), a solo father struggling with his personal demons as he investigates a major murder case. Neill will play Detective Jim “Stocks” Stockton, Harry’s boss and mentor.

Oscar Kightley says: “I’m already pretty excited about the opportunity to do HARRY. Having Sam Neill in it lifts that excitement to another stratosphere. It is a massive honour for us that he’s chosen this project.” Continue reading »