Hawaii Five-0

BigBangTheory2012CBS renews a bunch of shows

The CBS network has renewed a bunch of shows today, including The Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, Survivor, Hawaii Five-0, The Mentalist, The Amazing Race, NCIS, NCIS: LA, Undercover Boss, 2 Broke Girls, Mike & Molly and Person of Interest.

The Walking Dead Monopoly announced

The Walking Dead has been adapted into a number of board games, with themed versions of Monopoly and Risk set for release. The Monopoly version will see players attempt to secure zombie-infested locations and build fortifications there rather than hotels. Continue reading »

Dog-Bounty-HunterDog the Bounty Hunter in Hawaii Five-0

Dog The Bounty Hunter will make a guest appearance on an upcoming episode of Hawaii Five-0. The reality star will play himself on the drama series alongside his wife.

Vampire Diaries actress joins spin-off

Vampire Diaries actress Claire Holt has joined the spin-off series The Originals. The project will follow Klaus (Joseph Morgan) as he returns to New Orleans to confront figures from his past. Continue reading »

VoiceBlakeCrow to mentor on The Voice

Sheryl Crow has joined The Voice as a guest mentor to aid Blake Shelton. “I’ve been friends with Blake for a few years now and am honoured he invited me to be an adviser on The Voice this season,” Crow told ET Online.

Glau joins Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-0 has signed Summer Glau to play a guest role in an upcoming episode. The Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles actress will play a woman who is hunting down her father’s killer. Continue reading »

O’Quinn returning to Hawaii Five-0

Terry O’Quinn will return to Hawaii Five-0 for an episode later this season, reprising his role as Joe White. The former Lost actor previously played the character in ten episodes of the series.

Ninth Bones season not the last

The newly-announced ninth season of Bones has not been planned as its last according to Fox’s chairman of entertainment Kevin Reilly. He believes that the show will continue beyond the upcoming season and that the network is willing to see where it goes. Continue reading »

Lost actor joins Hawaii Five-0

Former Lost actor Jeff Fahey has nabbed himself a guest spot on Hawaii Five-0 alongside fellow Lost veteran Daniel Dae Kim. The details of Fahey’s role are unknown.

Finales to be altered for 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort

The first season finales of recently axed dramas 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort will be tweaked to provide more closure. The 13-episode first seasons will be altered to provide fitting more series finales for both. Continue reading »

Winters returning to 30 Rock

Dean Winters will reportedly return to 30 Rock for an upcoming episode. The actor will reprise his role as Dennis Duffy – the sleazy ex-boyfriend of Liz Lemon (Tina Fey).

Willis lands Hawaii Five-0 role

Rumer Willis has landed a guest role on Hawaii Five-0 to play a potential love interest for Max (Masi Oka). Other guest stars for the new season include Star Trek’s George Takei and model Behati Prinsloo. Continue reading »

Perry returning to The Good Wife

Matthew Perry will reprise his role as attorney Mike Kresteva on The Good Wife next year. The actor first appeared on the show earlier this year.

Two join The Newsroom

Patton Oswalt and Rosemarie DeWitt have been cast in the second season of HBO drama The Newsroom. The pair will feature as recurring characters throughout the season. Continue reading »

Jenner to make acting debut

Kendall Jenner, the half-sister of the Kardashians, has landed a guest role on Hawaii Five-0. The 16-year-old will be making her acting debut on the show.

Mentalist actress sues

An actress on The Mentalist has filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros Television over sexual harassment on the set of the series. The background actress said she faced “a daily barrage of sexually based comments and unsuitable conduct”. Continue reading »

9:30pm – Tuesday, June 26 on TV 3

William Baldwin begins his Hawaii Five-0 guest arc when the hit action series continues its latest season on Tuesday, June 26 th at 9:30pm on 3. Baldwin, best known for his starring roles in such films as Flatliners and Sliver, joins the series as Frank Delano, a former homicide detective who was forced to leave the police force when he was accused of corruption. “Since being fired, Delano has started participating in crime with other unethical policemen,” says Hawaii Five-0 creator Leonard Freeman.

Baldwin’s character is also expected to have some interaction with Kono (Grace Park) and will clash with the head of Internal Affairs, Capt. Vincent Fryer (guest star Tom Sizemore).

Make sure not to miss your first introduction to William Baldwin’s Frank Delano when Hawaii Five-0 screens on Tuesday, June 26 th at 9:30pm on 3.

9:30pm – Tuesday, June 12 on TV 3

Returning to our screens with McGarrett’s (Alex O’Loughlin) in prison, Kono (Grace Park) suspended from the force, and Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) rejoining the Hawaii Police Department, Hawaii Five-O enters its second season on Tuesday, June 12 th at 9:30pm on 3. So where does Hawaii Five-O go from here?

“I’m really excited because there are some major surprises – there’s one in the first episode of the season,” executive producer Peter M. Lenkov says of the new season.

“There is a resolution at the end of season premiere, but we still keep a big part of it open.” Even with all the changes, Lenkov says the show itself hasn’t changed, revealing that the season premiere will also be setting up a season-long mystery.

“It’s a really compelling mystery. I’m hoping it hooks people,” he says. “I actually think it’s more meaty than the mystery last year… Our goal is just to tell better stories and grow our characters and grow our family. And to keep a mystery alive.”

Make sure not to miss this when Hawaii Five-O returns to our screens on Tuesday, June 12 th at 9:30pm on 3.