Hawaii Five-0

8:30pm – Tuesday, March 1 on TV 3

A convict escapes from prison and targets a young couple who won $1 million and an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii in this week’s action-packed Hawaii Five-0, screening on Tuesday, March 1st at 8:30pm on 3.

Set on the beautiful island of Hawaii, this contemporary take on the classic series focuses on an elite task force whose mission is to wipe out the crime that washes up on Hawaii’s sun-drenched beaches.

Series star Daniel Dae Kim says he isn’t quite sure how he managed to change acting jobs – from Lost to Hawaii Five-0 – while still remaining in the place he’s called home for the past six years. He’s just happy it did.

“That’s a really good question,” he tells Zap2it when asked about being able to remain in his Hawaii home. “For all the stars to have aligned for me to stay in Hawaii the way I have, I feel very lucky. Fortunate is a better word.”

Transitioning from one Oahu-filmed show to another has allowed Kim to keep himself and his family in one place, although it has made for some odd moments as Hawaii Five-0 films in some of the same spots where he spent several years playing Jin on Lost.

“We actually shot the other day on the beach where I shot five years of Lost,” Kim says. “That was a little bit surreal to kind of go back to familiar territory, but with different surroundings.”

In the reboot of Hawaii Five-0, Kim plays Chin Ho Kelly, a former Honolulu police detective who was driven off the force but finds a way back in the game when McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) offers him a job on his team.

“He has more local knowledge than the rest of the team,” Kim explains about his character. “He knows how the island works. He knows how to get information from people in a way that the others haven’t learned yet. So, he’s kind of the island connection.”

“I like him a lot because he’s very affable, very friendly and close to my personality in that way,” the actor continues. “At the same time, he’s a great cop. I like playing both sides of him.”

Make sure not to miss Daniel Dae Kim’s Chin Ho Kelly in the Hawaii Five-0 reboot, continuing on Tuesday, March 1st at 8:30pm on 3.

8:30pm – Tuesday, February 22 on TV 3

Following his recent stint on Entourage, Scott Caan steps into the iconic role of Danny Williams on the rebooted Hawaii Five-0, continuing its action-packed season on Tuesday, February 22nd at 8:30pm on 3.

Caan injects a new dose of humour into the character first made famous over 40-years ago thanks mostly to the line, “Book ’em, Danno”.

“I purposely didn’t go back and look at too much of the old show,” Caan explains to Entertainment Weekly. “I wanted to start fresh, and I didn’t want to have any old ideas. I just kind of wanted to start fresh.”

“Scott’s very real and wears his heart on his sleeve,” adds series’ executive producer, Peter Lenkov. “There’s not a dishonest bone in his body.”

Fortunately for Caan, upcoming character-driven episodes will allow him to showcase his character’s as-yet-unseen emotional side. Later this season audiences will see Danny help McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) as he faces a painful betrayal. And we’ll also finally meet Danny’s ex-wife, Rachel (Claire Van Der Boom), whose bedroom will be the scene of a stakeout.

Seeing Caan work these dramatic plots has proven particularly entertaining to his co-stars.

“Scott is just as interesting to watch dramatically as he is comedically,” says O’Loughlin, impressed by what he calls his pal’s “deep reservoir of emotions”.

Even Caan’s famous father, Oscar nominee James Caan, has become a Hawaii Five-0 fan. “He’s told me, ‘I really like what you’re doing and I’m proud of you,'” says Caan.

“And my dad’s the kind of guy who’d come to a play I wrote and say, ‘That sucks!’ The truth is, Hawaii Five-0 is better than a lot of movies I’ve been in. If I can make a ton of money doing something I love and get to a place where I’m doing movies I want to do, then what could be better than that?”

Make sure not to miss Caan’s Danny “Danno” Williams when Hawaii Five-0 continues on Tuesday, February 22nd at 8:30pm on 3.

8:30pm – Tuesday, February 8 on TV 3

The wait is over! The highly anticipated Hawaii Five-0 is finally coming to our screens this week when the reboot of the classic crime series premieres on Tuesday, February 8th at 8:30pm on 3.

Fans of the original Hawaii Five-0 and fans of top-notch action-adventure storytelling will find much to like in this contemporary take. But don’t for a second think that the new Hawaii Five-0 is a remake of the original series.

“For me, the word remake suggests we’re doing exactly the same thing,” executive producer Alex Kurtzman explains to Buddy TV.

“What we felt like we really had to do was make sure we stay true to the original spirit of the show, but bring something new to the table that modern audiences would recognise. For us, that’s why the word ‘reboot’ just feels more appropriate.”

While the new series certainly pays homage to the original, series star Alex O’Loughlin is confident that they’ll stand apart from Jack Lord’s McGarrett and Co.

“I don’t think we feel like we have to do anything, we will stand out from the original. It’s 50 years later,” he says. “We pay homage to the old show and we come at it with the grace, respect and integrity that we do so we can go off in different directions.”

One difference the audience will notice is that Danno (Scott Caan) won’t be playing second fiddle to O’Loughlin’s Steve McGarrett, but rather the pair will be on more equal footing.

“We felt that we needed McGarett to play off somebody,” executive producer Peter Lenkov explains. “The Danno character really felt like he’d be a good foil in some ways. By design, originally, it was that these two guys would be front and centre on the show.”

One of the things that won’t change is that Hawaiian scenery will always be a prominent part of the show.

“Hawaii is the fifth character on the show; Hawaii is the fifth Beatle,” says Kurtzman. And as for the iconic Hawaii Five-0 theme song, production sought out the musicians from the original recording to recapture the same essence. “Why mess with something that’s perfect?” Kurtzman explains.

And audiences can download the ringtone of this iconic theme song from tv3.co.nz before tuning in to the season premiere of the Hawaii Five-0 reboot, premiering on Tuesday, February 8th at 8:30pm on 3.

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P Diddy to guest on Hawaii Five-0

P Diddy is signed on to guest star in an episode of new crime drama Hawaii Five-0. The rapper will play a detective in the series, which is due to begin here in NZ in the next couple of weeks on TV3.

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