9:30pm Thursday, October 21 on TV One

Jada Pinkett Smith (The Women), mother of rising star Jaden Smith and wife of film star Will Smith, and Michael Vartan (Alias, Monster-In-Law) star in a brand new TV ONE drama tonight at 9.30pm on TV ONE.

Christina Hawthorne is the Director of Nursing at Richmond Trinity Hospital, she is coping with the death of her husband, while managing her wayward daughter, at the same time as caring for her patients and staff.

Smith shot to fame in The Cosby Show spin off series, A Different World so its been a while since she appeared in a television series, she tells The Wall Street Journal how things have changed: “It’s so much more intense, especially in comparison to movies, where the pacing is much more leisurely. With a television show, you have to produce this product every seven days, and it’s a grind because you have to figure everything out quickly.”

The mother of three said the change in pace was a welcome shift, “I was getting a little too comfortable in my life, and really needed an injection of energy,” Smith says.

Talking to The New York Times, Smith admits her character, HawthorNE is a woman with a God complex that is faced with the fact that she needs to take care of herself as much as she does her patients.

The actress didn’t have to go far to research the role, she was raised solely by her mother who worked as a head nurse at a women’s clinic in Baltimore, “she felt responsible for every single woman that came into that clinic, which is basically how Christina feels on the show,” Smith concludes.

In episode one, it is the first anniversary of HawthoRNe’s husband’s death and it looks like it is going to be a long day. After forcing her way past the overly conscientious security guard manning the hospital’s main entrance, she is unable to keep David Gendler (DB Woodside, 24), a cancer patient and her late husband’s best friend, from trying to take his own life by jumping from the roof to the street below.

Settling into the daily chaos that is all too normal at Richmond Trinity, HawthoRNe must then gently coax Isabel, a homeless woman who virtually lives on the steps of the hospital, into turning over the gravely ill newborn baby she is hiding.

Missed an episode of HawthoRNe? Full episodes are available online. Go to tvnz.co.nz and click the ‘Ondemand’ button.

It was TVNZ’s turn to show off which series they’ll be screening in 2010 at their new season launch today in Auckland.  As you’d expect, there’s a fairly solid line-up.

TV One has a new goal:  to be a little edgier.  One might assume: a little less safe.  It will be interesting to see how this transcribes into ratings.

TV One should dominate Mondays with The Pacific, an HBO series from the makers of Band of Brothers.  This will be followed by the multi-Emmy award-winning series Generation Kill. However, as it aired in the US in 2008, it can be bought on DVD here for about $40.

On TV2 Monday night kicks off with Supernanny followed by Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters.

Before Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice screen, Tuesday nights on TV2 will have New Zealand’s version of The Apprentice.  No doubt Terry Serepisos should do quite well now that some of the boys from his club are heading to the World Cup.

Speaking of which, unlike other major sporting events, TVNZ has chosen not to relinquish the free-to-air rights for the football World Cup in South Africa which will screen on TV One.

Wednesday will see the local version of Masterchef New Zealand on TV One, confirming that the format won’t follow the highly successful Australian version.  This will be followed by the second season of Packed to the Rafters that is about to finish in Australia.

The final season of Lost has been promised to be aired as close to its US release as possible. The word simulcast was used but no one expects the show to air at 2pm.  TV2 has it listed in a Wednesday timeslot which means the best we can hope for is that ABC in the US move the show to a Tuesday so that it will air here within hours. If not, one can only assume that New Zealand internet traffic will be incredibly low for the six days post the season finale in the US as kiwi fans avoid websites spoiling the mystery.

The lead in to Lost is the new sci-fi thriller Flash Forward.

Coming to TV One on Friday nights is Leigh Hart’s Mysterious Planet which will be up against a tough comedy line up on TV3.  TV2 will screen the ninth season of American Idol after Two and a Half Men and The Middle, a show that is scarily reminiscent of Malcom in the Middle.

TV One is bringing the Bond-a-thon to Saturday nights with all 22 Bond movies.

Marcus Lush will be back with South, as will Matthew and Marc’s Rocky Road and the Amazing Race for Sunday evenings.  Sports fans will also be introduced to a new show on TV One for Sunday’s lineup.

The spaceships were shown but the cult remake of V wasn’t mentioned specifically.

The show of the preview though had to be This is Not My Life from the makers of Go Girls and Outrageous Fortune.  It looks hot.  The brief snippet made me think of Minority Report and the cult series Nowhere Man from the nineties.  It stars Charles Mesure (Gerard from Outrageous Fortune – does this mean he’s dead and not in Season 6?) and Tania Nolan (Angelina from Go Girls).  Of everything I saw, this was the one I’m most looking forward to.  Hopefully we’ll get a copy of the trailer soon.

New Shows
Flash Forward

The Middle

The Forgotten

The Vampire Diaries

Human Target

Drop dead Diva

Cougar Town




Generation Kill

The Pacific

Past Life


The Apprentice New Zealand
Masterchef New Zealand
Leigh Hart’s Mysterious Planet

Real Life: Are You My Tribe

Shortland Street
Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares
Packed to the Rafters
Beyond the Darklands
Gangs of Oz
Criminal Minds
Sunday Theatre
Medical Emergency
Piha Rescue
Border Patrol
Animal House
The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show
Cold Case
The Zoo
Desperate Housewives
Brothers & Sisters
American Idol
Go Girls
The Big Bang Theory
The Mentalist
Rescue 1
Two and a Half Men
Gary Unmarried
Grey’s Anatomy
Private Practice
Police Ten 7
Neighbours at War
America’s Funniest Home Videos
The Amazing Race
Matthew and Marc’s Rocky Road
One News
Fair Go
Close Up