Hazard Pay

NZTV Premiere: Hazard Pay

Discovery Channel – Weekdays from Wednesday 7 November, 9.30pm

What kind of person takes a job where every day could mean the difference between life and death? When their next shift may be their last? Every week on Hazard Pay, host Curt Doussett travels America meeting the dedicated workers who put themselves in harms way everyday. Curt pairs up with an insider in each field who trains and guides him through jobs that are far from pushing pencils. No matter what dangerous occupation he’s working at or in, Curt will be in the middle of it all, breaking into a sweat, chancing close calls and getting it all done without getting killed. Some of the hazardous jobs he attempts throughout the season include an ice hockey goalie, underwater welder, snake deeper, killer bee remover, bullfighter, coal miner and a tree trimmer.