UKTV – Tuesdays from 10 January, 7.30pm

PC Mike Bradley (Jason Durr) is struggling to come to terms with his wife’s startling and sudden departure. He finds a sympathetic ear in Dr Tricia Summerbee (Clare Calbraith) who in turn is learning that the life of a young female GP is tougher than she expected. Meanwhile, a spate of vandalism acts at the police station has Sergeant Craddock (Philip Franks) and his team anxious, particularly as they are preparing for the imminent arrival of Her Majesty’s Inspectors. On top of this enthusiastic new recruit Tom Nicholson (Ryan Early) drafted in from Scarborough very soon proves to be a handful.

UKTV – Mondays from 14 March, 7.30pm

Britain’s best loved drama series returns.

PC Mike Bradley and Jackie Bradley are finding time to settle into married life away from their hectic careers.

Romance is in the air in Aidesnfield as Nurse Maggie Bolton as she falls for the son of a patient, PC Phil Bellamy starts taking an interest in Gina Ward – but is it mutual? – even Oscar Blaketon has settled into his new role as landlord of the Aidensfield Arms and has the chance of romance when a lady from his past turns up unexpectedly. Not to mention Aidensfield receives two new residents!

Starring: Jason Durr (Winter Solstice), Fiona Dolman (The Bill), Kazia Pelka (Doctors), Mark Jordon (The Royal), Derek Fowlds (Firm Friends), Peter Benson (A Touch of Frost)

Just a note to say Heartbeat is now out on DVD, at last my TV is beginning to see quantity, Monday I watch a black & white ex-TV programme about a couple of detectives from Scotland Yard, last night it was episode #1 of Heartbeat. There is no scientific mumbo-jumbo that is a load of rubbish to confuse you, no graphics bull to turn a rubbish script into what they are trying to make better, just basicly real people in a small English town set round about the 60’s.

But what do viewers know about that when you get 23/7 rubbish on free to air TV today.

With no less than 18 series and total 372 episodes who got it wrong Heartbeat makers (ITV) or TVNZ? and it was only axed because of cut backs in drama programs, no doubt because viewers like rubbish today on TV.

Big audience for All Whites

Nearly 300,000 kiwis watched the All Whites last World Cup games against Paraguay on TV One on Friday morning, beating the mark set in the Italy game a few days earlier. 293,180 was the average audince for the match which ended in a 0-0 draw.

Heartbeat cancelled

Long-running British drama Heartbeat will come to an end next month with ITV cancelling the series after 18 years. The decision has been made not for financial reasons but with the network looking to focus in the future on shorter dramas.

9/11 voted biggest news event

The September 11 terrorist attacks have been voted the biggest news events of the past 50 years in a TVNZ poll run in conjunction with their 50 Years of Television News celebration last night.

More Dexter casting

More casting news for Dexter fans, Eli Stone actor Jonny Lee Miller has signed on to appear in the upcoming season of the drama series. Miller will join the likes of Julia Stiles on the refreshed fifth season.

Longoria Parker’s new reality show

Eva Longoria Parker has confirmed a new reality TV show will focus on her restaurant in Hollywood. The actress has said she will not appear in the show much, with the focus on the staff instead.

I see Heatbeat is back on TV1 tomorrow. At http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heartbeat_(TV_series)
says that the program is 45 minutes long, Advertising takes it up to 60 minutes, but in NZ it takes 65 minutes. Which is quite interesting because Monk is in fact 40 minutes long but TV3 uses up the whole hour.

How many people would like to see Heatbeat on DVD?

I wonder how many of you would like to see Heartbeat on DVD? Internet tells me there are some 300 episodes about 13 series, OK so I will not buy them all in one hit, but it would rank high on my Christmas wish list, it would be better than watching the “holiday crap” on free to air TV.

There is a Audio CD 3*CD box-set you can get which appears to be if I am not mistaken a bi-product of the TV series, made up of various artists. Seeing how well the “Memories are made of this” 2*CD series that have been so popular in New Zealand, I would think it would make a good addition to the so far four volumes of “Memories are made of this”have out at the moment.
But I would still prefer to by Heartbeat DVD than Audio CD.