Heaven’s Kitchen at Large

New Series: Beyond River Cottage
Food Television – Saturdays from 3 March, 7pm

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall moved from River Cottage to a farm in Dorset. This series follows him as he sets up his farm and learns new trades like bee-keeping, meat smoking and honey making.

New Series: Rachel’s Favourite Food At Home
Food Television – Tuesdays from 6 March, 8.30pm

Rachel Allen’s third series provides the kind of delicious, easy-to-follow and inspiring recipes for which she has become famous. Rachel draws on international influences, classic regional fare and good old family favourites to provide creative ideas for any culinary occasion, whether you’re planning a simple family meal, hosting a festive dinner for the entire family or squeezing in a romantic meal for two.

New Series: Heaven’s Kitchen At Large
Food Television – Thursdays from 8 March, 8pm

Mike Robinson and his wife Kate have been working hard to make their gastro-pub ‘The Pot Kiln’ a success. Although it was very busy after its launch, they still have substantial debts to pay and the spring downturn has forced them to consider other options. These include a fledgling outside catering business, and the return of Sous chef Ollie. Mike also tries to set up a cookery school and use the students as staff in his catering business. Meanwhile he has to re-invent the menu at The Pot Kiln and get his new chef settled in while wife Kate struggles to sort out the finances and wonders if they have bitten off more then they can chew!