Documentary Channel – Fridays from 9 October, 9.30pm

Going where few others dare to go! Considered the most dangerous land job on the planet, heli-logging involves hanging precariously from the tops of trees that are hundreds of meters tall while chain-sawing sections of tree, which weigh thousands of kilograms. The timber is then airlifted out of the forest by helicopter from steep slopes. In the rain forest of northern British Columbia, a rowdy group of extreme loggers risk their lives to provide the world with something that we often take for granted. Logging has a fatality rate that tops all other jobs performed on land. Working against the clock, these loggers battle perilous terrain, weather and even bears, while maintaining an eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable mission. The New Zealand premiere of HELI-LOGGERS follows one of only three companies on Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast that harvest logs using helicopters, and its hard-working crews are the subject of this brand new documentary series premiering on Friday 9th October at 9.30pm, only on Documentary Channel.