Hell’s Kitchen UK

Sutherland to return to TV

24 actor Kiefer Sutherland has signed on to feature in a new pilot for Fox in the US. The actor will join Heroes creator Tim Kring on Touch, a drama that centres on a father who discovers that his autistic son can predict events before they happen.

Jay Z wins lawsuit against Hell’s Kitchen winner

Rapper Jay Z has won the latest round in an ongoing legal battle with a former winner of UK series Hell’s Kitchen. The rapper filed a lawsuit against Terry Miller after the chef named his restaurant and catering business “Rockafella” which is too close to the Roc-A-Fella Records music empire.  A judge has overruled the original decision which was in favour of Miller.

Minnie Driver cast in drama pilot

Minnie Driver has been cast in a new pilot for CBS which will see the actress playing a single mother in the detective drama. 

Glee to release original songs on album

The cast of Glee will finally release their own original songs on the next album coming out on March 8. Two original tracks will feature on the covers album, Glee: The Music, Volume 5.

Thursday 28 August, 9.30pm

TV’s most exclusive restaurant is back in business – and award-winning, Michelin-starred chef Marco Pierre White is taking the reins to train 10 celebrities how to cook on the British series of Hell’s Kitchen.

“I won’t be thinking of the trainees as celebrities,” says Pierre White. “What I’ll be looking for is talent. I want to see tears, I want to hear laughter, I want to see people fight and I want to see people learn.
“I might be the hardest person they’ll have ever met, but I’ve got a heart just as big. It’s about picking people up off the floor and inspiring them to want to carry on ’til the end.”

Pierre White started out life in a small town near Leeds. His father, grandfather and brothers were all chefs, so it’s no surprise he had an interest in cooking. At 16, Pierre White left school and started work as a kitchen apprentice. On his first day he was ordered to blanch, peel and de-seed five boxes of tomatoes, a job which left him in tears. But he survived the initiation process and quickly worked his way up to a job at the two Michelin-starred Box Tree in Ilkley, Yorkshire, where he fuelled his obsession with food and began to form his own food philosophies.

Moving back to London, he started classical training as a commis chef and began working his way to the top. In 1986 – aged just 24 – Pierre White became a shareholder and head chef at up-market burger bar, Harveys, transforming it into a classy and sophisticated restaurant. He built up a reputation for ruthlessness – throttling his staff, hanging chefs by their aprons on hooks on the walls, and slashing their uniforms with his knife if they complained about being too hot. But his tough attitude paid off – he was awarded his third Michelin star at the age of 33.

Dubbed “London’s rudest chef”, Pierre White has opened more than 30 restaurants, building up a portfolio that’s reputedly worth £50 million. With a flamboyant personality (he once reduced Gordon Ramsay to tears, and the two had a very public feud) and a passion for food, Marco Pierre White’s stint on Hell’s Kitchen UK should be an exciting one.

The series sees Pierre White attempt to take a group of amateurs and turn them into professional chefs who can serve mouth-watering dishes to a restaurant of discerning celebrity diners. Pierre White’s bid for perfection may have earned him three Michelin stars, but how will he cope in the ultimate celebrity diner?