Help My House Is Falling Down

7:30pm Saturday, September 24 on TV One

In this new series, English property developer and TV presenter Sarah Beeny battles to rescue houses where the families have discovered the most horrific problems threatening literally to bring their property to the ground.

From foundations that are being attacked by roots, to timbers that are being devoured by insects, from walls that are rotting with damp, to burst drains, brick-eating bees, ruined rooves, and some of the scariest cracks you will ever see.

With a team of specialists and some great new technology, Sarah gives each property the survey of all surveys, diagnosing the illnesses and coming up with solutions. Her mission is to help the families rescue their houses and transform them from dangerous disasters into dream homes. Can Sarah succeed?

Money is always tight, but Beeny’s not one to baulk at a bit of hard graft

Tonight, she kicks off with a nail-biting first episode.

Paul and Clare bought their house in Essex as the perfect home for their four children, but peeling back wallpaper revealed a terrifying crack along the back of the property. It turns out their dream home is sitting on six metres of sludge and is tearing apart. If that’s not enough, there’s a rat infestation, sewage seeping into the ground floor and black mould that is making the children ill.

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Property guru Sarah Beeny meets property owners who have bought homes with shocking problems – from pest infestations to subsidence. These unlucky residents were largely unaware of the extent of the horrors that awaited them in their new homes and few could even begin to afford the cost of fixing them. That’s where Sarah comes in, accompanied by her team of experts who lend a helping hand and get the unlucky homeowners back on their feet.