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UKTV – Saturdays from 23 January, 9.30pm

A highly-acclaimed, hour-long drama series that tells the chilling story of one girl’s exploration of the supernatural and her own sexual awakening at a remote English boarding school.

A shy social outcast, Cassandra “Cassie” Hughes desperately wants to fit in at her cliquey English boarding school, Medenham Hall. Longing to be popular, but only truly loved by her lesbian roommate and best friend Thelma, she goes to great lengths to be accepted by the “in crowd.” But, when Cassie attempts to dress and even act differently, Thelma finds her behaviour shameful, and cannot believe she would even want to be friends with the superficial people that have treated both of them badly.

While stopping for a cigarette in one of the old buildings on campus, Cassie’s future is forever altered when she unearths some hidden ancient artefacts – a discovery she soon realises is no accident as she finds that it has left her cursed with supernatural powers that have a terrifying link to the past. Once she begins to recognize the extent of her new abilities, Cassie is both bewildered and terrified by the visions and voices that begin haunting her. Still, she cannot deny that life as a student endowed with mystical powers is infinitely more interesting, especially once she learns how to use them to manipulate the people and situations around her.

However, Cassie’s tragic fate is sealed by the appearance of Azazeal – the leader of the Nephelim, fallen angels who were banished from heaven for tasting the pleasures of mortal women, and who kidnaps Thelma in order to get to the one human sacrifice he’s really after…Cassie. But when Cassie confronts him and demands to see her friend, it’s Thelma who is killed instead.

Now without her best friend, Cassie is left alone to fight against the powerful forces that threaten her existence – until Thelma comes back as a ghost. So, as Thelma vows to protect her from those who seek to destroy her, Cassie embarks on the ultimate journey of discovery as the man she should fear most finds a way into her heart and places her on a collision course with tragedy.

Starring: Christina Cole (Agatha Christie’s Poirot) and Jemima Rooper (Agatha Christie’s Poirot, Silent Witness, Lost in Austen).

Hex Friday 26 October, 10.30pm

TV2’s newest drama Hex is the chilling story of a young girl exploring the supernatural, while coming of age at a remote British boarding school.

Shy and socially outcast, Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Hughes (Christina Cole) discovers she is cursed by terrifying links to the past. Longing to be popular, but only truly loved by her best friend, Thelma (Jemima Rooper), Cassie realises she possesses dangerous powers. Cassie is terrified by the forces that haunt her, but nonetheless begins using her new abilities to manipulate people and situations. Stalked by Azazeal (Michael Fassbender), the leader of a group of fallen angels called the Nephelim, Cassie’s fate turns dark after Thelma is kidnapped and sacrificed. But her hopes are restored when Thelma returns as a ghost, determined to protect Cassie from the powers that seek to destroy her.
The battle to save the world from evil continues in this second season of Hex, with Cassie’s realisation that the demon love child she thought she aborted is actually alive and growing at an astonishingly inhuman rate. The birth of this unholy child has released the Nephelim, a group of fallen angels whose prime aim is to get revenge on God by killing mortals.

Traumatized, Cassie must find and destroy her own child to restore order. While her unspoken love for the baby’s father, Azazeal, radically affects her judgment, she finds an ally in Ella (Laura Pyper), a mysterious new student at Medenham College who possess incredible powers and is waging a personal vendetta against the Nephelim.

Starring alongside Christina Cole in Hex are Jemima Rooper (As If), Jamie Davis (Footballers’ Wives), and Michael Fassbender (Murphy’s Law). Hex also features acclaimed actor Colin Salmon (Die Another Day).

The part of Roxanne Davenport – the pretty, worldly, and confident student who leads Medenham’s ‘in crowd’ – is played by New Zealand actress Amber Sainsbury. Along with British television credits that include guest roles in The Bill, Coronation Street and A Touch of Frost, Amber has appeared in local series’ Young Hercules, and Plainclothes. On film, her credits include Poseidon Adventure and Channeling Baby. Most recently, she has starred alongside Josh Hartnett in the film 30 Days Of Night, filmed in New Zealand.

The critical response to the first season of Hex was unanimously positive, it was cited for its “Buffy-esque occult teen capers,” (Heat Magazine) and dubbed a “sexed-up, spooky boarding school drama,” (The Guardian). Series producer Julian Murphy says, “Hex is a very challenging and exciting show so we were understandably delighted to be given the chance to build on the success of the first series.”

Bold, sexy and spooky British drama Hex, begins on TV2 Friday 26 October, 10.30pm.


Hex Series 1

The first series of this prog aired at a late time on TV Two – after Alias on Friday nights, so many people might have missed it. It has been compared a lot with Buffy (unfavourably by many). I never could get into Buffy even tho I thought the script was very good – probably more clever and media savvy than Hex. But I really like the gothic ambience of Hex and find its characters more engaging than those BTVS – and the lesbian ghost is fun!

I hope NZ TV airs the second series.

Here is the Wikipedia summary/recap of series one:

Series One (5 episodes, 2004)

Hex is set at a remote English school, Medenham Hall, which occupies the former manor house and grounds of the McBain estate. It was the site of an 18th Century witchcraft scandal in which the female members of the line, the Medenham Witches, were tried and executed. Cassie, who raised herself in a single-parent household caring for her mentally unstable mother, has latent psychokinetic and clairvoyant abilities that are awakened when she touches an antique vase used in Voudoun rituals by the Medenham Witches. Her roommate, Thelma (who harbors a badly-kept secret lesbian crush on Cassie), discovers that Cassie is a descendant of the Medenham Witches. Cassie has startling visions and dreams that she strives to interpret, and also struggles with controlling her growing psychokinetic powers, which she is only able to summon in times of stress.

Cassie and Thelma become aware that Cassie is being stalked by a “dangerous looking” stranger who calls himself Azazeal. Initially glimpsed fleetingly, he becomes increasingly bold, even entering into the students’ rooms later in the series without warning or permission. Azazeal is revealed to be the leader of the biblical Nephilim, fallen angels, and he claims to be in love with Cassie. Doubt is cast on his claims as the viewer witnesses his dalliance with schoolmistress Jo Watkins, and there is also evidence that Azazeal had a long-term sexual relationship with Cassie’s mother, which may have contributed to her mental illness.

Frustrated by his inability to convince Cassie that his claims are sincere, Azazeal murders Thelma before Cassie’s eyes as a sacrifice to increase his power and prove that he is truly who he says he is. This act has two unintentional consequences: his power over Cassie is initially weakened by the shock, and Thelma thereafter continues to share Cassie’s room as a ghost that only Cassie and Azazeal can see. Thelma is unable to touch the living, but she can manipulate inanimate objects (including clothing, artifacts, books, doors, window sashes, and vending machines) and eat, which she does constantly (since ghosts cannot gain weight). Thelma works behind the scenes to spy on Azazeal and gather evidence from places where Cassie cannot enter. Cassie, while horrified by Azazeal’s behavior, ultimately finds herself drawn completely into his power. Azazeal possesses Cassie, and while under his power, she gives herself to him and they conceive a child.

Thelma learns from Peggy, the ghost of a woman who died in the 1918 influenza pandemic, that the gestation of Azazeal’s child is weakening the veil between worlds, allowing more ghosts to appear to the living. If the child is born, the veil will be torn, allowing the rest of the Nephilim to enter our world. If the pregnancy is terminated, the veil will heal, preventing the Nephilim from returning and leaving Azazeal the only one of his kind in our world. But there is a side effect: ghosts will also vanish from this world.

Cassie regains her senses enough to realize that the fetus must be aborted, although it is growing at an alarming rate. A week after conception, the doctors believe she is nearing the end of her first trimester. Thelma assists Cassie, without telling her that success means that she may never see Cassie again. Azazeal tries to interfere, but Cassie goes through with the abortion…or so she thinks. When Thelma realizes that Cassie can still see her, Thelma knows that something has not gone right. Cassie discovers weeks later that the doctor who performed her procedure has been influenced by Azazeal, and that the baby is alive and in Azazeal’s care.