Hidden Worlds

NZ TV Premiere: Hidden Worlds: Patagonia’s Tuxedo Junction

National Geographic – Saturday 5 January, 8.00pm

For six months of the year, Punta Tombo, a rocky outcrop protruding two miles into the Atlantic from the farthest end of South America, is deserted. Each Spring however, half a million penguins return to breed on Patagonia’s remote coast.

NZ Premiere: Hidden Worlds: The Red Monkey Of The Zanzibar

National Geographic – Saturday 22 December, 8.00pm

Zanzibar, a magical island of sultans and spices, is also home to one of the world’s most spectacular-looking monkeys. But while the cloves, cinnamon, jasmine, and coconuts on this multicultural island were introduced over the centuries, Kirk’s colobus – with its coat of orange and black, and wild white crown – is truly indigenous.

NZ TV Premiere: Hidden Worlds: Sand Between The Toes

National Geographic – Saturday 15 December, 8.00pm

Filmed in Africa and the United States, the secrets of the sand and the animals that choose to live on or under it are investigated. Lizards, legless skinks, sand grouse, springhares, moles and snakes are among the many that live in this marvellous desert world.

NZ TV Premiere: Hidden Worlds: Land Of The Dragons

National Geographic – Saturday 8 December, 8.00pm

The islands of Indonesia’s Lesser Sundas are home to the fierce Komodo dragon, the world’s largest lizard, and beautiful wild horses that roam Komodo’s adjacent island of Rinca. The primal landscapes of these volcanic islands are still rocked by earthquakes and swept by bush fires.