High School Musical

Disney Channel – Saturday 5 July, 12.00pm – 8:30pm

“High School Musical 2” broke multiple subscription television records, was the number one selling album around the world in 2007 and now is your chance to see some of your favourite “High School Musical 2” songs in a very different and exciting way. Ever wondered what “You Are the Music in Me” would sound like in Norwegian or how about “Gotta Go My Own Way” in French? This July Disney Channel will entertain you with these songs and many more as “High School Musical 2: Around The World” is premiered. In between episodes of the “Hannah Montana” marathon, there will be 13 rockin’ music videos from around the world:
• Norway – You Are the Music in Me (Julia Geitvik & Lars Berteig Andersen)
• Hong Kong – Everyday (Pop singers Justin Lo and Kary Ng)
• Brazil – You Are the Music in Me (Thiago Fragoso & Ituana Ciribelli)
• France – Gotta Go My Own Way (French songstress Lââm)
• Argentina – What Time Is It? (Fabiola and Delfina Pena and cast of “High School Musical: La Selección, the Argentinean reality television series which cast a role for a spot in the Argentinean/Mexican version of the movie)
• Italy – You Are the Music in Me (Pquadro)
• Philippines – Gotta Go My Own Way (Philippine superstar Nikki Gil)
• Mexico – You Are the Music in Me (Roger Gonzalez and Paulina Holguin)
• Singapore/Taiwan – Bet On It (Show Lo)
• Spain – All For One (MOTA)
• Portugal – I Don’t Dance (Portuguese hip hop group Expensive Soul & Bianca)
• Japan – You Are the Music in Me (#1 Japanese pop star Nami Tamaki)
• India – Aaja Nachle (Various Artists) Inspired by “All For One”
At the end of the marathon, catch “High School Musical 2” and be delighted as the Disney Channel Original Movie offers behind-the-scenes footage plus interviews with other Disney Channel stars at the “High School Musical 2” premiere event in London interspersed throughout the movie.