High School Musical 2

I have just checked AGB Nielsen and I am really surprised. The ratings, overall, were only 9.9 (24.7% share). HSM2 started with 10.4 and finished with 9.4, and it peaked at 10.6. This was MUCH LOWER than last year when HSM rated at 13.0 (33.5%). For the 18-49 demo, HSM in 2006 managed 10.9 (32.3%), HSM2 recieved 9.4 (24.7%). As for the kids (5-14 demo), it had a 25.3 (67.1%) rating for HSM in 2006, 20.3 for this year’s HSM2. On the brighter side, the kids demo had a higher audience share at 72.1%.

By the way, some programmes opposite HSM2 managed to BEAT HSM2. Sunday on TV1 has recieved 16.0 (39.3%) in the 7:30pm hour. CSI Miami (TV3) at 8:30pm pulled 10.0 (24.5%). CSI started with 9.7 against HSM2’s 10.3 in the first quarter hour of CSI, and CSI finished with 9.9 against HSM2’s 9.2.

Other programmes HSM2 managed to beat were not too far behind. The Simpsons (TV3) at 7:30pm had 6.0 (14.9%), and Sunday Theatre’s “DNA” (TV1) had 8.3 (21.8%) from 8:30 to 10pm. The only loser on the night was Rules of Engagement (TV3) at 8pm with only 4.5 (10.8%).

Last year, HSM has beaten all oppositions (including Country Calendar)!

US achieved record ratings, and so did the UK (It had 1.2 million viewers in its first showing, making HSM2 the highest rated programme ever for Disney Channel UK). I wonder why NZ didn’t have the same effect? Could it be the scheduling (last year, it was on a Saturday, and this year was on a Sunday)? Could it be for some other reason?

Sorry for not posting for a while. I was really busy with lots of things. I’ll make an effort to post more often.

Just seen the new High School Musical – HSM2 and let me tell you it is just as good as the first. More singing, more dancing, it slightly more poppy – with a boyband, Justin Timberlake, Kelly Clarkson kinda feel. But overall it is brillant. Doesn’t premire in NZ till September 22 though