High School Reunion

10:30pm Friday, November 12 on TV2

TV2’s real-life fantasy series High School Reunion returns for a sixth season to follow former classmates as they are reunited for the first time in years.

This season, the class of 1989 from Las Vegas’ Chaparral High School makes High School Reunion history with three marriage proposals and an unforgettable wedding. Yet, even with all the love in the air, old rivalries lurk in the shadows.

Shot entirely on location on the luxurious island of Kauai, Hawaii, where sun-drenched days and moonlit evenings provide a stunning setting for the drama to unfold, this dramatic reality series reveals universal truths about life, love, jealousy and the realities of finally growing up.

10:30pm Friday, November 20 on TV2

From the makers of The Bachelor, this dramatic reality series takes place on a multimillion-dollar Hawaiian estate, bringing together a group of ex-school friends for an unforgettable experience, where long-buried memories quickly return to the surface.

In the two-hour premiere, it’s been two decades since the former Texan classmates have seen each other – back when they were known simply as ‘the jock’, ‘the popular girl’, or ‘the geek’.

For some of the classmates, it was the best time of their lives, while for others it was the worst. Someone who definitely falls into the latter category is feisty, tattooed Kat, a lesbian who was never able to be herself at school.

“I’m coming to the reunion to let them see the person that I really was back then, but who I was too ashamed to be,” says Kat, who is preparing to come out to her ex-classmates. However, she’s holding onto another secret which could alter the path of her whole experience at the reunion.

Elsewhere in the resort, the most popular girl in school, Deanna, chooses former pipsqueak Justin (who had a growth spurt after graduation) to accompany her on the first Hall Pass date, a romantic massage and dinner. Deanna is a multiple divorcee who wouldn’t have looked twice at Justin when they were teenagers – now, however, she is wondering if love was under her nose the whole time.

Justin says Deanna was his dream girl in high school, “but I get nervous whenever I’m around someone I’m attracted to”. Can love blossom between the two, or will his nerves get the better of him?

In another part of the complex, tensions simmer between school rebel Mike, and his former wife, who was the class drama queen. Mike was unaware his old childhood sweetheart was going to be at the reunion, and is still heart-broken and angry after Lana slept with his best friend, Steve.

“I think Mike was very surprised to see me,” Lana says. “But he just has to deal with it – it’s my high school reunion too.” Lana wants to move past the torment and become friends with the father of her children again, but Mike is still bitter over the whole experience.

Just as their fractious relationship looks strained to breaking point, the third party in their love triangle, Steve, arrives at the reunion, sending a chill through the estate. Is their chance at reconciliation over before it’s begun?

VIBE – Sundays from 5 April, 4.00pm

Think back to high school. What ever happened to your first love or your worst enemy? What if you had a chance to change all those indelible impressions, now that hindsight is 20/20?  High school. For some, it flew by like a beautiful dream, while for others, each day was a living nightmare. When a small group of classmates are reunited for the first time in 10 years for a 2-week stay on the exotic island of Maui, it quickly becomes apparent that everyone still has something to prove – and someone to impress. The intervening years disappear as these young adults settle old grudges, reexamine old friendships and revisit old romances. No matter how successful, confident and beautiful these people have become since graduation day, each of them comes face-to-face with the person they were in high school. The class clown, the popular girl, the jock, the nerd, the bully, the artist and the loner–old labels quickly resurface as this group lives out the fantasy of getting a second chance at high school.

High School Reunion is a brand new show which finds former classmates and brings them back together 20 years later to pursue unresolved relationships, romance and rivalries.

High School Reunion’s executive producers are the team behind “The Bachelor”.

US premiere date is summer 2007.