Prophecies Month: The Lost Book of Nostradamus

The History Channel – Monday 21 January, 8.30pm

In 1994, Italian journalist Enza Massa was at the Italian National Library in Rome conducting research on old texts, when she stumbled upon an unusual find – a mysterious manuscript dating to 1629. On the inside of the book was the name of the author, in indelible ink – Michel de Notredame – the prophet Nostradamus. This exclusive investigative documentary will bring the content and background of this manuscript to light for the first time. The pages of the book also contain cryptic and bizarre images, including letters, symbolic objects, banners, candles, crosses, and even a burning tower that some say are prophecies of our future. Are these images visual manifestations of his quatrains, which extend to the 21st century? And are these images so frightening that Nostradamus deliberately hid them?

NZ TV Premiere: The Unsung Heroes Of Pearl Harbour

History Channel – Friday 7 December, 8.30pm

No weapons program in U.S. history demanded more from the men who served it than the B-29 Superfortress. The giant, seemingly perfect planes appeared to devastate Japan with impunity at low cost. The true story was horrifying. B-29 crews suffered wholesale death in hurry-up testing programs, bombed at dead-low altitudes without guns in the face of suicide attacks, and suffered unspeakable torture as P.O.W.s. Includes a blow-by-blow account by Paul Tibbets who flew the Enola Gay to Hiroshima.

NZ TV Premiere: The Three Lives Of William Wallace

The History Channel – Monday 15 October, 8.30pm
‘The Three Lives of William Wallace’ explores the man, the myth and subject of the Hollywood film ‘Braveheart’, who died in 1305 as a national embarrassment to Scotland. Not one person protested against his brutal execution, yet 700 years later he is one of Scotland’s foremost heroes. This documentary explores how the enigmatic Wallace legend has evolved and reveals how an icon has been reborn throughout the ages. Using a combination of archive material, interviews and dramatic reconstructions, the film is an exploration of why Wallace’s own actions have proven inspirational to many after his death.

NZ TV Premiere: Digging For The Truth

The History Channel – Mondays from 15 October, 7.30pm

Explorer Josh Bernstein takes a fresh look at the world’s greatest ancient mysteries in these brand new episodes of Digging for the Truth. Travel to some of the most intriguing, remote and physically challenging locations in the world, and with the help of experts and survival skills, solve some of the greatest puzzles of the past. Episodes include: Atlantis New Revelations, King Tut Secret Revealed and Lost Treasured of Petra.

NZ TV Premiere: Return To The Bismarck

The History Channel – Sunday 14 October, 8.30pm

On 27th May 1941, the pride of the German fleet, the Bismarck, was sunk by the British Navy with the loss of over 2,300 lives. This special documents the finding of the wreck and the first expedition to its site at the bottom of the ocean as witnessed by two of the crew’s survivors. Australian entrepreneur Mike McDowell and Dr. Robert Ballard (who discovered the wreck of the Titanic) leads a team of divers in a bid to locate the wreck of the Bismarck even though they could only estimate its exact location. Provided with three possible sites in the Bay of Biscay, the experienced team had to cover each point, spanning an area of 200 square miles. Eventually the wreck is found and the expedition team’s exhilaration contrasts with memories of the lost crew and terrible aftermath of the British attack, making the experience a poignant one for all concerned. The deep sea vessel lights up the wreck as the two veterans remember terrible scenes on that fateful night. They witness an underwater vista with the recognisable steel ruin now decaying on the sea bed and recall a turning point in the events of the Second World War. This historic occasion, captured here along with the original footage of the last moments of the great ship, also features CGI reconstructions of the Bismarck in action.

NZ Television Premiere: Egypt: Engineering An Empire
The History Channel – Wednesday 7 March, 10.30pm
Long before the world had ever heard of Rome or Greece, Egypt was building a civilization that astounds us to this day. Using only a few, simple tools, the Egyptians engineered giant pyramids, fortresses, dams, irrigation canals, and temples in the desert sands, laying much of the groundwork for human civilization. This captivating special examines a selection of Pharaohs and how they shaped the empire’s construction feats for over 3,000 years to engineer the oldest empire in history. This 2 hr special is followed by the spin off series, Engineering An Empire. Episodes include – Greece, Russia, Napoleon’s Empire, Aztecs, Great Britain, China, Greece: Age of Alexander, Persia, Byzantine, Maya, Age of Architects and Carthage.