History’s Secrets

THE HISTORY CHANNEL – Fridays from 3 August, 7.30pm

Most historians have reached a consensus about the way major world events played out. Yet decades after the fact, certain stories remain touched by an air of uncertainty. We think we know what happened. The evidence seems to point to obvious conclusions. But with each, there seems to be some stubborn missing piece of information or evidence, some clue that adds a touch of doubt to the story recorded by history. And in each case, it’s inspired a rather rabid group of amateur historians to craft their own ideas about the way things really went down. Join The History Channel as we dig up the clues, dissect the evidence and investigate the truth behind some of history’s greatest events and prove the history books right – or wrong – once and for all.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Wednesday 22 October, 10.30pm

Ted Kaczynski killed three people and injured 23, sending the FBI on a US$50 million manhunt. Profilers suggested a blue-collar “average Joe” was behind the plot – but surprisingly, he turned out to be a mathematical whiz and former professor instead. Investigate how Ted Kaczynski’s childhood as a prodigy led him to academic glory at Harvard at the mere age of 16. There, he underwent strange and dangerous stress testing that possibly embedded in him a fear of technology that influenced his later rampage. Unravel his ingenious string of planted clues, starting in the 1970s, that kept entire cities on edge and the FBI guessing for decades.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Wednesday 15 October 10:30pm

November 28, 1953: A US Army scientist working on biological weapons, Dr Frank Olson, falls to his death from his hotel window under suspicious circumstances. 1975: the US government offers Olson’s family a $750,000 payout, revealing he died because of his involvement in a secret CIA experiment studying the use of LSD and interrogation, an offshoot of a series of mind control experiments called MK-ULTRA. What was the true extent of these secret CIA experiments and their casualties?

NATIONAL GEOPGRAPHIC – Wednesday 08 October, 10:30pm

What happened to Howard Hughes? How could a man, so rich, so famous and so visible for so long, become so isolated and a recluse? Recent studies of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, the effects of repeated head injuries and the neurological damage of syphilis and addiction may shed new light on the life – and death – of one of America’s most intriguing billionaires.