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Revisit the lives of the people whose inability to part with their belongings is so out of control that they’re on the verge of personal crisis. Whether they’re facing eviction, the loss of their children, jail time, or divorce, these are the hoarders whose helplessness to let go has led them down a path that is not only cluttered, but dangerous. Each episode follows two people struggling to overcome their compulsive behaviour while experts work to put them on the road to recovery. For some, throwing away even the tiniest possession – a sponge, a button, an empty box – is so painful that they’re unable to complete the cleaning process, no matter the consequences. For others, professional help and an organiser’s guidance give them the strength to recover.



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Can professional help and an organiser’s instruction give these Hoarders the strength to let go? In the Season 3 premiere, Carolyn’s seven-year-old daughter is so distraught about her mother’s hoarding that she has been leaving notes around the house saying, “It would be better off if I were killed.” Carolyn must get control of her hoarding or face not only Social Services but perhaps a much more tragic consequence. Jo’s house is a collector’s dream, filled with thousands of plates, crosses, pots, glassware and clocks. But her hoard is destroying her marriage of 48 years to her husband, Ed. He feels robbed of his retirement and has already moved out once. If Jo does not address the problem, the marriage could be over.



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Think you’ve seen squalor?

Vibe takes you inside the some of the most disgusting households you’ve ever seen in new season episodes of Hoarders. The stakes couldn’t be higher, as the hoarders profiled are faced with life-changing consequences including eviction, divorce, demolition of their homes, jail time, loss of their children and even death.

In the second season opener we meet Laura. She has terminal cancer and is in fragile health, but sleeping or resting is nearly impossible. The only open spot she can lay her head on is two-thirds of the living room couch. It’s a couch surrounded by plastic bins, toys, boxes, scrap-book and crafts supplies, rotting furniture, magazines, and a carpet stained by cat urine. Laura’s hoarding has greatly strained her relationship with her husband and daughters. She knows this is her last chance to unburden her family and give them back a home free of her clutter and misery.

This episode also introduces us to Penny, a 44-year-old single mother of two. Her three-bedroom home is so hoarded that her toddler son has been forced to sleep with her on the living room couch. Her refrigerator doesn’t work and there’s a terrible smell in her older son’s bedroom. Penny has already had run-ins with Child Protective Services. Now she lives in fear that CPS will show up and remove her children. With the help of psychologists, professional organisers and extreme cleaning teams, will Laura and Penny be able to get their hoarding tendencies under control?

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Are you, or is someone you know, a hoarder? Hoarders is a brand new series which offers a fascinating look inside the lives of people whose inability to part with their belongings is so out of control that they are on the verge of a personal crisis.

Compulsive hoarding is a serious pathological condition marked by an obsessive need to acquire and keep things, even if the items are worthless, hazardous or unsanitary. This groundbreaking show not only captures the drama as experts work to put each hoarder on the road to recovery, but also highlights the individual’s inner challenges and triumphs.