Hole in the Wall

I noticed in the Feb 28 – Mar 6 TV Guide that Hole was replaced by AFHV and I’m curious as to why it was pulled.

I can only assume TVNZ pulled it because they feared kids might put themselves in danger trying the antics of the celebs on the show.

Of course, I could be wrong.

Saturday 24 January, 7pm

New to TV2 is the hilarious Australian game show based on a Japanese format, Hole in the Wall. Hosted by Jules Lund, Hole in the Wall features various large polystyrene walls which travel along a 15m straight path towards contestants, who must attempt to manoeuvre their bodies through the various shapes which are cut out of the wall.

Each episode features two teams consisting of three celebrity contestants, with each team competing for a charity. The aim is to assume a position that will best allow their bodies to fit through a the shapes cut into the wall, or risk being swept into a pool.

The contestants, fitted with hard hats and spandex, must take on various tasks over four rounds with varying degrees of difficulty to see who ultimately wins the competition.

A cult Japanese series in which Spandex-clad contestants in hard hats try to hurl themselves though a series of holes in a wall is being adapted for the BBC.

The BBC said a production company, Talkback Thames, has bought the rights and was creating a series based on the original.

The adapted show, Hole in the Wall, involves two teams of celebrities in shiny, skintight catsuits attempting to contort their bodies through a moving hole in a wall.

A BBC spokeswoman added that if they failed, “they will fall into water”.

The British show is aimed at a family audience and its launch follows a successful pilot episode made last year.

The physical challenges change with each episode in the Japanese version, with guests being asked to take part in ever-more outrageous pranks. (see clip below)

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