Holiday Showdown

Paul Wigmore, his wife Sarah and their two teenage children, are used to getting far away from home. Travelling the world and experiencing different cultures is the Wigmore family’s number one priority.
Their favourite destination is Thailand and it is to the Far East that they jetted off with their new unknown family.

The idea to go on Holiday Showdown came from Jade. The Wigmore’s had just got back from a month long holiday, were depressed and in desperate need of another break, so applying for the show seemed like the perfect option.

“Jade managed to persuade us to go on and we went just because we thought it would be really funny,” said Mrs Wigmore. “We were surprised to be accepted just because we are really normal and get on with most people.

I hadn’t seen many of the programes before but there seemed to be a lot of arguments in the past. I think the producers were trying to achieve something different with our episode.”

Their companions – the Coates – are from a council estate on the outskirts of Bristol and have not left their home town in 17 years. But does this lack of travel signify something far greater than simply no imagination?

Holiday Showdown

HOLIDAY SHOWDOWN, Friday 20th June at 8.30pm on PRIME

Two families. Two weeks. Two very different holidays. Together. Torture for them, pure entertainment for everyone else.

In this episode two families spend a week in Benidorm and a week on a sailing holiday. Benidorm is an infamous ‘Brits Abroad’ destination so expect plenty of lager, sunburn and embarrassing Pom behaviour. As always don’t expect either holiday to be plain sailing.

HOLIDAY SHOWDOWN, Friday 13th June at 8.30pm on PRIME

Friday 6th June at 8.30pm

The Angel-Guest family from Malvern all have psychic abilities (“We’re not the cereal-packet family, never have been, never will be”) and love taking holidays on ghost-busting trips to the most haunted places in Britain. Ex-police officer Julie (32) and her ex-roadie partner Christian (also 32) are both ordained Reverends of the Universal Life Church. Christian’s daughter Emily (13) is an apprentice herbalist and his nephew Danny Bennett (14) has just become an ordained Reverend and likes to draw people’s auras.

The down-to-earth Palmer family from Borrowash in Derbyshire is a total contrast – they love the action-packed child-centred fun and frolics of a Haven holiday camp in Devon. Dad Bill (42) is a gardener and Mum Tracey a beautician. They have five children, Amy (17), Jordan (15), Corey (12), Alice (11) and Amelia (7). Bill in particular is an atheist and feels that “all this ghosts and ghoulies is crap”.

Friday, 30th May at 8.30pm

Two families…two holidays…two weeks…together! Tonight, it’s a football v fishing showdown when a soccer-mad party-loving clan has to cool their heels at a sedate pond. The Bexon-Simpkin family from Derbyshire love their footie (“We live, breathe and sleep football!”) and love their holidays in Gran Canaria. Ex-pub landlady Ruth (36) is a qualified coach, boyfriend Bobby (37), daughter Shakiera (2), and Ruth’s children Leonna (18), Kieran (12), and Liam (8) are all England fans, and they love to watch matches in boozy bars on holiday. In contrast, the Fall family from Cleveland prefer the peace and quiet of a fishing holiday in 40-acre Lonsdale Park in Cumbria. Dad Simon (42) is a passionate angler and runs his own fishing shop. He takes his family – wife Karen (33), kids Amy (11) William (8) Emily (7) and 19 month-old Layla – fishing day and night. There’s just one problem – Ruth Bexon-Simpkin has a phobia about fish. The Falls’ children have never been abroad and the parents have never been on a resort holiday before so Gran Canaria is a shock for them when they arrive. But they all do their best to join in the busy schedule of football and boozing, apart from Karen, who is 20 weeks’ pregnant.

Friday, 23rd May at 8.30pm

The return of the popular British series that matches up two very different families with completely opposing ideas of what makes a good holiday and sends them away together for two weeks. Tonight, a traditional fun-loving family from West Sussex who go to Tenerife, team up with a family from Peterborough, who love the peace and activity challenges presented by the mountains and rivers of the Lake District. The Webb-Harris family from Pagham on the South Coast love to live it large at Playas Las Americas in Tenerife. Alan (44) is a painter and decorator and definitely wears the trousers in the house. Michelle (37) loves to shop, spending Alan’s money on designer gear. Their children are Jay (16), Tia (12) and Kiki (10). When on holiday Alan spends most of his time in the bar, either by the hotel pool or clubbing. The rest of the family follows him, staying up till all hours. For Alan, taking another family with them will be no problem: “If they don’t enjoy our holiday, they haven’t got a pulse!” They’ll be taking the activity-mad Hustwayte family from Peterborough with them. Mum Julie is a physiotherapist and the family’s breadwinner. Dad Rob is a house-husband and training to be a teacher. Their two boys, Daniel (16) and Ben (13) love all outdoor pursuits, from skateboarding to canoeing, kayaking, and climbing. The whole family love to get back to nature and pit themselves against the elements.

Friday, 16th May at 8.30pm

The return of the popular British series that matches up two very different families with completely opposing ideas of what makes a good holiday and sends them away together for two weeks. The rules are non-negotiable, for each week of the holiday one of the families is in charge in their ideal holiday location. Both families have a challenge – to convince the other of the wonders of their holiday. Tonight, what happens when a family of extreme campers is put together with a family who love the sophisticated art and culture of Florence in Italy? Sparks fly with hilarious and surprising consequences as the two families attempt to persuade each other that their holiday is the best. The Townsend family from Solihull in the West Midlands take an extreme approach to their camping on remote Shell Island, off the coast of North Wales. There’s warehouse supervisor Craig (43), Tracey (39) and their two children Katie (14) and Samantha (7). They believe in a back –to-basics camping regime where they use only one toothbrush, there’s no toilet (“One toilet roll is quite enough – it’s four sheets per pooh”), they don’t wash, and they forbid the use of watches because on holiday time is irrelevant. They’ll be subjecting the luxury-loving Cox family to their extraordinary holiday. Living just 3 miles from Prince Charles’ home in Gloucestershire, there’s art-shop-owner Denis (44), Isabelle (54), Helena (12), Charles (11) and Henry (8). They love five-star hotels and maximum comfort. The Cox’s believe that education and culture are vitally important (“Ignorance is free, education is expensive”) and Denis in particular loves the Renaissance wonders of Florence.