Holly’s Heroes

Starts Wednesday 2 July at 5pm

14-year-old Holly McKenzie is basketball mad. When she’s not working her magic on the court, she’s practising her moves in her bedroom, at the kitchen table and on the way to school. For Holly, basketball isn’t just a sport – it’s her reason to live. On the brink of making the National Junior Basketball team in New Zealand – Holly is hit with some hard news – her family is moving to a small town in Australia. Holly’s Heroes starts Wednesday 2 July at 5pm on TVNZ Family on TVNZ 6.

Holly was on the way to reaching her ambitions of becoming a superstar basketball player. Now, moving with her family to Woolich – a rural seaside town in Australia – Holly has to set her sights somewhere else.
Fortunately, when Holly gets to Woolich, she discovers that the town is home to the Rams, one of the best regional basketball teams in Australia. Unfortunately, the Rams aren’t particularly receptive to new members, and the nasty team members ensure that Holly fails selection for the team.

But Holly won’t give up without a fight, and within hours of arriving, she has organised a new basketball team to take on the dastardly Rams. Together, Holly’s team will push the Rams to their limit while showing their stuff on the court. It’s not going to be easy but one thing is certain – Holly is going to become the best basketballer around, whatever it takes.

Get into the competitive spirit with Holly’s Heroes on TVNZ Family on TVNZ 6.