Hollywood Backstories

DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL – Saturday 4 July, 8.00pm

Norma Rae. The compelling story of a group of dedicated filmmakers who banded together to make Norma Rae, and the passionate actress who turned a role no one wanted into an Academy Award�®-winning performance.

ARTS CHANNEL – Saturday 13 June, 8.00pm

Ep 2: An Affair To Remember: An Affair to Remember explores the dramatic tale of love and heartbreak played out, on the screen and off, in the movies’ ultimate romantic tearjerker.

ARTS CHANNEL – Saturdays from 6 June, 8.00pm

Ep 1: Hollywood Backstories: All About Eve is the behind-the-scenes story of All About Eve, one of the finest films ever to expose the scathing underbelly of show business.