Hollywood Wives

VIBE – Thursdays from 22 September, 8.30pm (Sunday encore, 9.30pm)

In 1985, romance novelist Jackie Collins and superstar producer Aaron Spelling conspired to produce the most exciting, sexy, steamy and compulsive three part soap opera of all time, adapting her most successful novel for the small screen. In this behind the scenes look at life among Hollywood’s movie makers, power-wielders and ‘beautiful people’, a major motion picture is being cast and every actor in Hollywood is vying for a part.

Enter Neil Gray (Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins), the film’s proposed director who, although married to a beautiful and talented wife (Stephanie Powers), embarks upon an affair with screen sex siren Gina Germaine (Suzanne Somers) whose only motive is to secure a part in the film. Then there’s Elaine Conti (Candice Bergen), notorious entertainer and wife of an aging matinee idol, whose greatest ambition is to re-launch her husband’s career. Gradually, a dazzling array of characters come into the limelight, all in some way involved with the forthcoming film Final Reunion, and all desperate to further their own careers.