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On Friday, NZ On Air had their latest funding decision meeting. Very shortly we will hear whether Mediaworks have managed to convince the state funding body to pour millions of dollars into a new locally made soap for TV3. But is it the right time to be launching a new soap opera in New Zealand? Sure, it’ll be great for jobs in the short term, but are people still watching these types of shows?

Today, lets take a look at the ratings for both Shortland Street and Home and Away. Shortland Street has been the biggest success story of local drama for more than two decades on New Zealand Television. It has anchored TV2’s weeknight line up and delivered consistent ratings but as we explored recently, TV2 has suffered with a drop in channel share of 20% in 2010 to only 13% in 2015.

While Shortland Street is still the most watched show on TV2 for the majority of the week, it usually has the highest average audience in the key 25-54 demo.

However, 2015 has seen a slump in the viewership stakes with one of the biggest falls we’ve observed. Continue reading »

3 NewsIn July of 2013, in the midst of a receivership, TV3 lost the Australian soap Home and Away as its lead in to 3 News. Home and Away had been long credited as setting up TV3’s nightly schedule with the audience that it delivered at 5:30pm sticking around for the rest of the evening.

In Home and Away’s absence, the first few weeks saw the average audience for the 5:30pm timeslot drop by more than three quarters. The flow on effect, however, wasn’t as significant with the average audience of 3 News down only 19%.

While 3 News had been impacted by the loss of Home and Away, Campbell Live was delivering audience levels that were 18% higher than its news bulletin lead in, a boost in part off the back of TVNZ’s initial attempt at rejuvenating their own 7pm time slot with Seven Sharp. Continue reading »

According to reports, Mediaworks new local weeknight soap is going to be called Trinity Point and set at a beachside resort north of Auckland. Sound familiar?

Tipped to be TV3’s new 5:30pm lead in to the news, Trinity Point, which is said to be produced by Warners (Formerly Eyeworks and Formerly Julie Christie’s company), requires $10m in funding from New Zealand on Air to get the greenlight. (Update: NZ On Air have told us that the amount that has been quoted elsewhere in the media is incorrect but can’t confirm the requested amount due to commercial sensitivity.) Continue reading »

home-and-awayThe remaining weeks of Home and Away for 2014 will screen at 7pm from Friday, following Thursday’s hour-long Shortland Street finale.

flower-streetWhen TV3 announced yesterday that it was seeking submissions from local production companies for a new long-running, five night per week serial drama, our response was “about time”.

It’s a bold move by Mediaworks and ultimately very good for the screen industry in New Zealand. While South Pacific Pictures, who make Shortland Street, are best suited to produce something new, there is an opportunity for another production company to step in and grasp the opportunity to build some infrastructure. Continue reading »

tv3logo_1This is somewhat exciting news and a long time in waiting.

MediaWorks is inviting local production companies to submit ideas for a long-running daily serial drama, to launch on TV3 in 2015.

The brief is for a broad appeal, five-day-a-week soap that is firmly rooted in contemporary New Zealand, and connects with TV3’s 25-54 demographic. Continue reading »



Is this the worst case of SORAS (Soap opera rapid aging syndrome) in Home and Away history?

Continue reading »

marilyn-jon-wedding-haaIt’s been building for some time but it looks as though Marilyn and John will get their happy day after the Daily Mail in the UK sent a photographer to snap pics of the Home and Away wedding.

The paparazzi shoot of the wedding, which was held in public on Sydney’s Palm Beach, includes more than 50 photographs.


You’ve seen them on the box, I’m talking about the videos in the Show Me TV2 campaign.

The latest video features some of the cast from Home and Away with the iconic TV2 logo mould and each sentence starting with “Show Me”. I quite like the campaign myself.

Posted on Instagram this afternoon:

This comment was made in yesterday’s TV Talk post.

I’m furious with TV One for showing war footage in the newsbite that just appeared during Home and Away twice. I am watching it with my 12-year-old niece who I do not want to be exposed to this sort of rubbish. As it was, she asked why those people were being shot and was very upset. Why can’t these morons use their brains (and discretion)?! There’s no point in complaining to them because they won’t do anything. TV3 used to keep their bulletins brief, and they never used to air anything of questionable nature.

What is appropriate news content to screen during show that is likely being watched by children and well before the watershed?