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Monday: In an intense showdown, Ric threatens revenge against Rocco. Beth reveals to Tony she wants to leave the Bay. PG(v)

Tuesday: Ric’s threat of revenge against Rocco takes a dramatic turn. Beth farewells the Bay to embark on a soul-searching adventure. PG(v)

Wednesday: Things go from bad to worse as the evidence piles up against Ric. Rachel becomes increasingly uncomfortable with her involvement in Kit and Kim’s baby plans. PG(v)

Thursday: Kelli’s scheming leads Peter and Amanda’s relationship to the brink. Martha gives Ash an ultimatum.

Friday: Kelli’s manipulation leads to a surprise engagement. Belle finally admits her true feelings for Drew but is it too late? Cassie is shaken when Macca’s controlling streak rears itself again.

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Monday: Kim receives some life-changing news from Kit. PG(v)

Tuesday: Rachel’s world is turned upside down when she discovers Kim is going to be a father. PG(v)

Wednesday: Morag demands Ash finally confess to his family secret. PG

Thursday: Martha is shocked to discover Ash’s terrible secret! Belle struggles to deny her feelings for Drew. Lucas prepares to take the next step in his relationship with Belle.

Friday: Drew is stunned by Belle’s reaction when he admits he’s still in love with her. Jack makes a promise to protect Sam and Rory.

Home and Away is returning to 3 with an action-packed week of drama from Monday, January 22nd to Friday, January 26th at 5:30pm.

Summer Bay has seen its fair share of drama, but there’s even more to come as it deals with gangs, deception and forbidden romance, in its first week of 2007!

Peter and Amanda share a passionate kiss but Amanda’s life hangs in balance when she suffers a terrible accident. How will Drew react when he finds out his dad is with the women he loves?

As one young mother does the unthinkable and abandons her baby, Rachel and Kim are forced to confront their inability to have children. Is there a happy solution to the problem? Or will baby-obsession just make the situation worse?

Then, the widow and widower that everyone has been waiting to see get together may not fail to disappoint – is it about time that these obvious lovebirds finally got their act together?

Lucas and Ric’s plan to reconcile Belle and Matilda backfires; and Brad is stood down as Principal following his drug charges. Finally, always the prey of baddies, gang pressures continue to rise for a newcomer to Summer Bay. Can this troubled character get out of mischief before it’s too late?

Tune in to an action-packed week of Home and Away as the exciting drama takes off for another year, screening Monday, January 22nd at 5:30pm on 3.

Monday 15th January:
Kim receives some life-changing news from Kit.

Tuesday 16th January:
Rachel’s world is turned upside down when she discovers Kim is going to be a father.

Wednesday 17th January:
Morag demands Ash finally confess to his family secret.

Thursday 18th January:
Martha is shocked to discover Ash’s terrible secret!
Belle struggles to deny her feelings for Drew.
Lucas prepares to take the next step in his relationship with Belle.

Friday 19th January:
Drew is stunned by Belle’s reaction when he admits he’s still in love with her.
Jack makes a promise to protect Sam and Rory.

Who do you think is Home And Away’s sexiest couple?

A first in a series of unique interviews with fansite owners, we take a look at a popular Home and Away site:

Home and Away Central is a gorgeously designed and constantly updated fansite created by 15 year old Jessica who runs the site just for fun. The site recieves up to 35,000 visitors a month mainly from Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Fans can read latest news, exclusive interviews, check out photos and interact with each other on the forum, sharing their thoughts and ideas about upcoming storylines.

Three years ago she began an MSN group for fellow fans which rapidly grew to a popular group with over 1500 members. She launched the full site a year and a half later using Microsoft FrontPage and creating her own graphics. Jessica says she’s learnt a lot about web design and enjoys the positive feedback she receives from it. Tim Campbell, who plays Dan Baker on the soap, even stopped by to say how great the site was and how important the fans are to the show.

I asked Jessica how long she spends updating her site in a normal week:

“I’m not even going to answer that, my mum will probably read it and scream! haha”. Like most webmasters she has gone through the stress of having a site crash, losing everything and having to start again from scratch. Jessica’s been watching the show religiously for about 3 years. She collects articles from magazines and newspapers and organises them in folders next to her computer.

“The shelf is about to collapse because it’s so heavy with all the folders! My mum says I should chuck them out, but that will never happen. I’m still collecting,” says Jessica.

She’s had the opportunity to meet and have a photo taken with Jason Smith (Robbie), Chris Hemsworth (Kim) and Mark Furze (Ric), which she’s framed for her bedroom. At Carols in the Domain this year, she had a photo with Tim Campbell (Dan), Chris Sarinna (Brad) and Paul O’Briend (Jack).

She shares her story and photos on the site. Jessica wrote to the entire cast in 2005 and received replies back. She admits she still looks in her mailbox each afternoon hoping to get mail from Channel Seven.

She likes having Amanda Vale (played by Holly Brisley) on the show:

“Some days I just want to scream at her but she definitely makes Summer Bay interesting. I love how her mood changes all the time. Her character is awesome.”

Her favourite couple were Martha and Jack together before they got married:

“One of my favourite storylines was Martha and Jack’s wedding (well until the end), it was such a fairytale wedding. They were sooo cute!! A very fun loving couple! I hope they get together soon again though! But I think the storyline did progress very nicely onto bigger storylines.”

Looking back on the year just been, the most memorable storyline for her was Flynn’s death.

“It was such a painful period of the family, Flynn, Sally, Ric, Cassie and baby Pippa. I think Joel did a tremendous job with his acting and should be very proud of his time on Home and Away. But I love the new relationship between Sally and Brad even if things are going slow.”

Her favourite two photos on the site are of Kate Ritchie and Tim Campbell having fun and one of the girls at the Logie Awards all glammed up.

And onto the question on every fan’s mind: does she think Sally dies?

“I don’t think Sally will die because of the stabbing as soon as Home and Away airs again in early 2007 because I know she has been filming future story lines so she can’t be dead. But than again in the future I’m not saying she can’t die because of complications to do with the stabbing. There is lots of talk about Kate Ritchie leaving Home and Away, if this is true, I just wish Kate all the best in the future and hopefully we will still see lots more of her on TV to come. Hopefully she will stay thought for Home and Away’s 20th year celebrations!”

In March, Jessica told her loyal visitors that she will be closing the site at the end of 2006, so that she can focus on her school work and studying. “Mum will not let me continue the site once I enter year 11.” There’s some hope that the site will be taken over by another fan.

In the meantime, there’s a countdown to a special surprise Christmas present for the site and a fun Home and Away advent calendar.

If you’re a fan of Home and Away, go visit Home and Away Central!

Home And Away star Paul O’Brien was voted hottest Aussie guy on television in a TV Week reader’s poll.

Dean Geyer (Australian Idol runner-up) came second and last year’s winner, Chris Hemsworth (Kim Hyde on Home and Away) came third.


Here’s what happened on the NZ omnibus, 17 December.

Brad’s house is broken into at night by Johnny. The police suspect Johnny but Rocco is his (fake) alabi and there’s no evidence so they can’t do anything further. Johnny smugly hassles Brad out on the street about the break in.

Drew finally tells Peter he’s over Amanda.

Rocco convinces the gang not to break into Sally’s house and reluctantly chooses Amanda’s place instead. Amanda’s in the kitchen when the guys come in with masks to get her jewelry. She calls Drew when they’re not watching but he doesn’t answer his phone. Instead, Peter comes over and gets grabbed by the gang! They lock Peter and Amanda in the pantry and take off; the pair are freed by Dan and Drew the next morning. The police find Johnny’s necklace at Amanda’s but he denies it. Johnny warns Brad to back off or else.

Brad and Sally have dinner at her place — he shows her an injury he got from a gang once. Brad then finds a beaten up Rocco as part of Johnny’s plan. They think Rocco is trying to get out of the gang. Rocco secretly tells Johnny that he’s in — looks like he might be able to stay with Sally.

Martha tells Jack she wants to be friends with him and says there’s nothing going on with Ash but when Ash comes in Jack says he can go for it with Martha if he really likes her. Jack starts his rehab but finds it really tough going. Lucas comes in to ask for advice about Belle. Jack snaps back about how his marriage just broke up. Jack tells his dad he’s taken off his wedding ring but hates the fact that Martha’s moved on and he’s stuck in bed. “I hate my life full stop.” Jack’s nurse takes him outside in a wheelchair to see others in wheelchairs playing basketball. She says it’s a matter of hard work and he’ll be back on his feet in no time at all but needs to lose the self-pity and realise how lucky he is. Does his nurse have a crush on Jack?

Amanda finds out about Peter’s addiction to painkillers as a result of them being locked in the pantry together and thinks he should tell Dan and Leah.

Ric and Matilda come across Belle and Lucas making out on the beach. Matilda looks a little bothered by it. When helping get change for Ric, Matilda finds a condom in his wallet and is freaked out and cancels their plans for the day. Belle wants to be friends with Matilda but they end up fighting about each other’s behaviour with boys. Ric plans to meet Matilda for a romantic date. Matilda dresses up for the occasion, and her mum is a little worried that she’ll be pressured to have sex with him. On the boat, Ric has a candlelit dinner for Cassie. Matilda tells Ric she wants to be with him — Ric asks if she’s sure, “it’s what you want, isn’t it? That’s why you brought me here!” Matilda mentions the condoms in his wallet. Ric says he didn’t have that planned — he’d forgotten they were in there. Ric says it’s a big thing and she should be ready and he doesn’t want to rush things. Matilda feels so embarrassed she jumped to conclusions but glad. They stay the night together but don’t have sex. Uh oh, Colleen has spotted her leaving the boat in the morning.

Belle breaks up with Lucas but doesn’t tell him the real reason why — she thinks Lucas just wants to sleep with her and is upset because she thinks everyone thinks she’s a slag like her mother. Lucas tries to play it down in front of his family, but clearly is upset. Lucas and Belle have a heart-to-heart and get back together.

Colleen tells Beth about seeing Ric and Cassie together. Matilda tells her she didn’t sleep with him but Beth doesn’t believe her. Beth apologises to Matilda but doesn’t think she’s ready to have a relationship with Ric, who is 18 and has experience. Matilda says she can’t stop her from seeing him. Ric talks to Alf, and thinks they should cool things off for a little while.

Lee turns up and tells Lucas she’s in a lot of trouble and needs his help.

Martha and Jack get back together yayyyyyy and they might be having a baby in 2007 and he’s out of his wheelchair 😀 😀 😀 😀

Here’s some quick spoilers for 2007:

  • a couple gets engaged
  • an evil sister comes to Summer Bay
  • there is a baby on the way for one of the characters!