Home and Away

Put this in spoilers in case regular fans didn’t want to know what happens. 🙂

Ok. So we all know that in the final episode (also uploaded in three parts on Youtube for our viewing pleasure by some lovely Australians), Rocco has just been told by Johnny that either he kills Sally, or later, Johnny will kill him.

As expected, Rocco (the little retard) stabs Sally – JUST after she and Brad have finally got together (she’s going home to get changed before going to Brad’s for dinner).

I personally am furious and upset, how can they do that (and show a tribute video afterwards – inferring that she won’t be back), at the one place we’ve been waiting for to happen for so long? She and Brad are perfect.. surely they wouldn’t kill her off? But on the other hand, we know she’s moving on, and they did show that video.. who thinks she’s dead, and who doesn’t?

Reports of Home and Away being filmed on location at a jail in November with Kate Ritchie (Sally), Ray Meagher (Alf) and Indiana Evans (Matilda) being there have contradicted reports that Kate Ritchie dies after being stabbed by Rocco. However, many characters have appeared on the show after their deaths.

The episode will air in February.

Ray Meagher, who plays Alf Stewart, is starring in the Dick Whittington as King Rat in a British pantomime over the Christmas/New Year period. He’s playing the “baddie”.

Ray’s just signed a new five year contract with Home and Away — so he’s not leaving for good!

“It has been a fantastic experience but now I think I might be ready to look past that. In order to grow creatively you need to spread your wings. While the public might have me typecast, I know in my heart I’m not just that little girl who grew up on Home and Away.” said Kate Ritchie.

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Here’s an AMAZING clip of the end of the 2006 season of Home and Away and a moving tribute to Sally Fletcher. You have to see this!!!

In the season finale of Home and Away for 2006, it’s a bit of a tear jerker!

Sally is stabbed by Rocco and we get to see a montage of scenes from Sally over the years on the show. But does she really die? Actress Kate Richie gave some interviews indicating she may be leaving the show.

There’s a farewell for Cassie but has she left the Bay this time for good?

Kit reveals she’s pregnant to Kim… just after he gets married to Rachel! Remember that night they spend together while lost in the bush after the helicopter crash? Yup, it’s come back to haunt him. He’s got to be the daddy this time after two lots of false alarms.

Ash has a secret family – he has a wife and two kids in the city!

Jack walks!

The Christmas pageant is fun with Alf as Santa and Irene as an angel.

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams have been spotted getting a marriage license in New York.

The couple have a baby girl named Matilda, and recently bought a townhouse in Brooklyn together.

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If you’re a long time fan of Home and Away, you may remember a character called Roxanne (Roxy) Miller on the show. Roxy moved into the Stewarts’ house, taught at Summer Bay High and fell in love with fellow teachers Luke and then James. Eventually she left the bay for Greece after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Actress Elizabeth (Lisa) Lackey, who played the role of Roxy, has gone from strength to strength acting in shows such as CSI, NYPD Blue, Medium and Vanished. She now has a significant role in the hit show Heroes as Janice Parkman and is filming two new movies.

Executive producer John Holmes revelas that Home and Away will be focussing on more emotionally-based stories in 2007:

“We’re aiming for a more naturalistic, family feeling — stories people can identify with. You’ve got to be able to put yourself into those scenes.

Martha (Jodi Gordon), Alf’s granddaughter, is dating police officer Ash (Ben Guerens) who will reveal a massive secret in the 2006 season finale.

“She’s head over heels, but she’s obviously looking for love in all the wrong places. She’s really unlucky in love and next year she spirals out of control. She mixes with the wrong people, makes some wrong decisions and becomes a bit of a bad girl. I had a scene where my character was hung over.”


The final week of Home and Away 2006 in Australia has Kim (Chris Hemsworth) marrying Dr Rachel (Amy Matthews). There will be tears, drama and more than a few surprises when Rachel and Kim’s wedding day arrives – and will Kim make it down the aisle?

Check the official site from the 28th of November for an exclusive behind the scenes video and photos of the wedding.