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Bec Cartwright has confirmed that she will be returning for a three week guest role as Hayley Lawson on Home and Away. The storyline will revolve around Hayley’s son Noah.

While Ella Scott Lynch took over the role of Hayley for a few months before the character was written out of the popular Australian soap, fans protested at Bec’s replacement.

Filming will be in mid-2007 but dates have not yet been confirmed.

The second season of UK show Soapstar Superstar features Aussie star Alan Fletcher, better known as Dr Karl Kennedy in Neighbours, will be joined by Mark Furze, who plays Eric “Ric” Dalby in Home And Away.

11 contestants in total sing live over several nights to win the title. Last year Richard Fleeshman, from Coronation Street, won the competition.



Cameron Welsh has been announced as the new Home and Away producer. Cameron played Mitch McColl for a year and a half from July 1999 – a 16-year-old kid who was kicked out onto the street by his stepfather and then came to Summer Bay. He had a crush on Hayley.

Cameron has also been a director on the show and also on All Saints.

Teaser Spoilers for the Australian Broadcast of 27 November – 1 December, 2006.

Monday: It’s a wonderful day for a wedding as Kim and Rachel tie the knot – But the evening brings the arrival of a surprise visitor for the young newlyweds.

Tuesday: Drew has a heartfelt realisation about Belle. Peter begins to doubt Amanda’s fidelity. Rachel’s dream of a family has a major setback.

Wedndesday: Drew puts everything on the line for love. Morag’s suspicions towards Ash grow. Johnny learns what Rocco is planning.

Thursday: Sally is devastated to learn the truth about Rocco. Johnny gives Rocco a shocking ultimatum. PG(d,v)

Friday: *2006 SEASON FINAL* Colleen’s Christmas pageant brings all your favourites together… But as the night heats up, shocking secrets will be revealed, and a brutal attack will leave the life of one of the Bay’s most loved residents hanging in the balance. PG(v)

Loving Desperate Housewives simply for the reason that I think every woman can relate to one (or more) of the characters in the show.

I won’t say which housewife I relate to best (hey I’m not a housewife.. actually I’m not even a wife!)..

But I like Bree’s perfectionism, Lynette’s ability to juggle chaos, Susan because she’s flakey….Edie’s legs (ok she has great legs)… and Gabrielle’s sexuality (and her tastes in gardeners of course)

Loving Home and Away… for one reason really. The show is on when I am sitting in the TV3 makeup room getting my hair sprayed and my lips glossed.

Pure timing. We are all addicted to the show now.

“Borat’s” favourite character on Home and Away is Colleen Smart (played by Lyn Collingwood).

“I would like to make romance inside of her,” Borat said at today’s Sydney press conference.

“Borat” is really comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, engaged to former Home and Away star Isla Fisher.

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Here’s a quick summary of what happened:

Amanda pretends to be dating Macca as a cover for Macca and Cassie until Cassie breaks up with Ric. She later realises it’s not such a smart idea.

Amanda and Drew kiss — but she freaks out and realises that while she likes him, her relationship with Belle is more important and decides not to take things any further.

Kim and Rachel fight over when they’d like to have kids. Rachel’s 28 and wants to start soon. Kim’s 20 and doesn’t want the responsibility of kids while he’s in his 20’s. When Rachel hands back the engagement ring and starts packing her stuff, Kim realises he needs to compromise and they agree to start trying for a family in about 5 years time, not 10 years time. However, at the very end, Kim learns he’s sterile after getting the mumps recently!

The wake is held for Emily and Brad overhears a tiny snippet of a conversation Sally is having where she says she’s attracted to him. He’s mad but they talk and Sally says she’s not chasing him, she wants to be his friend.

Cassie learns her boyfriend is secretly gay but is supportive of him and not too upset.

Drew is kidnapped by two guys in a dark car!

Martha tells Jack they’re separating and wants time apart from him to figure things out. She thinks they rushed into everything and both want different things from marriage. Jack is heartbroken.

Belinda Emmett, wife of television personality Rove McManus, has died in St Vincents Hospital, Sydney.

Rove McManus, her parents and siblings were at her side when she died just after dawn.

Emmett is best known for her work in the television programs All Saints and Home and Away.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998, at age 24.

After initial treatment Emmett returned to work, but was forced to leave in 2001 when doctors confirmed the disease had spread to her bones.

She and longtime boyfriend McManus married in January 2005.

Prime Minister John Howard said he and Mrs Howard were saddened by Emmett’s death.

“She fought a very courageous battle against cancer,” Mr Howard said.

“On behalf of Janette and myself, I extend my deepest sympathies to her husband, Rove McManus, and her family and friends.”

Chris Hemsworth who plays Kim on Home and Away has been voted out of Dancing With The Stars in Australia, leaving three remaining couples.

“(Abbey) turned me into a kind of OK dancer. I just wasn’t born with the gift.” said Chris.

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Home and Away’s producer of five years, Julie McGauran, has quit to join Southern Star Entertainment, where she will develop new dramas. Julie oversaw the production of over 1000 episodes of the show.

No word yet on who will take over her position.

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