Home and Away

5:30pm – Monday, July 30 on TV 3

Following Ruby’s (Rebecca Breeds) reveal that she lied about being pregnant with his child, this week sees Romeo (Luke Mitchell) trying to reunite with estranged wife Indi (Samara Weaving) when Home and Away screens Monday, July 30 th to Friday, August 3 rd at 5:30pm on 3. “His whole life has just been turned upside down,” Luke Mitchell explains. “He’d just wrapped his head around spending his life with Ruby and having a child. Now, none of that will happen.”

Revealing how Romeo will turns his attention back to Indi, Mitchell says: “Indi is first to provide Romeo with support. Someone had to look after him and no-one else was there – I guess it was her trying to reach out.” “Ruby wants to try and fix things with Romeo, but he is so incredibly hurt that he has very little interest in what she has to say.”

“Liam tells Romeo to take it slow with Indi and informs him that Indi is now at a point in her life where she is trying to move on.” But will she be moving on with Romeo? Find out when Home and Away screens on Monday, July 30 th to Friday, August 3 rd at 5:30pm on 3.

5:30pm – Monday, July 23 on TV 3

This week will see Summer Bay favourite, Brax (Steve Peacocke) badly beaten and left for dead when Home and Away screens Monday, July 23 rd to Friday, July 27 th at 5:30pm on 3. The shocking storyline will see Brax brutally attacked outside Angelo’s before being dumped in a forest. Revealing little behind his character’s attack, Steve Peacocke say that it could be Brax’s criminal father, Danny who orders the attack.

“You’d think with father and son that blood is thicker than water, but that’s why Brax is so afraid of him: he knows Danny would get rid of him in a heartbeat,” Peacocke reveals.

“Maybe taking Brax out of the equation is his way of having a relationship with the boys [Brax’s brothers, Heath and Casey]. No-one knows how far Danny will go?”

Danny, who recently arrived in Summer Bay after being released from jail, manages to persuade Heath (Dan Ewing) and Casey (Lincoln Younes) that he is a changed man. “Danny is the one Brax is truly afraid of, because he’s everything Brax could be but doesn’t want to be.” “It’s completely frustrating for Brax, because he knows what this bloke is all about, yet neither of his brothers will take his word for it.” “He argued with them at first, but he has to let them find out themselves, even though he’s kind of unleashing the devil really.”

Will Brax’s brutal attack be the thing that changes Heath and Casey’s mind about their father once and for all? Find out when Home and Away screens Monday, July 23 rd to Friday, July 27 th at 5:30pm on 3.

5:30pm – Monday, July 16 on TV 3

Romeo (Luke Mitchell) finally discovers that Ruby (Rebecca Breeds) has lied about being pregnant in this week’s unmissable Home and Away, screening Monday, July 16 th to Friday, July 20 th at 5:30pm on 3. The fake pregnancy storyline has so far seen Ruby tell Romeo that she is expecting his baby following problems between them.

However, this week will sees Leah (Ada Nicodemou) starting to ask awkward questions, forcing Ruby to tell her that the pregnancy is fake.

“I think Ruby could sense things weren’t right between her and Romeo. She was scared he’d break up with her,” Rebecca Breeds reveals about her character’s deception.

“Leah is very persistent that Ruby goes to the doctor because of her diabetes, to check everything would be okay for the baby. When Ruby keeps putting it off, she ends up telling Leah the truth. Leah isn’t happy and tells Ruby to tell Romeo, or she will.”

“I think deep down she knows she made a mistake in lying, but it definitely doesn’t come from a bad place. I think Ruby just doesn’t want to be alone,” the actress continues.

Ruby later allows Romeo to think that she has lost the baby as her deceitful behaviour continues. However, when Leah rebukes her for continuing to lie, Ruby is finally forced to tell Romeo the truth. So how will Romeo handle the news? Find out when Home and Away screens on Monday, July 16 th to Friday, July 20 th at 5:30pm on 3.

5:30pm – Monday, June 25 on TV 3

Is there a reunion in store for a former Summer Bay couple? Find out when Home and Away screens Monday, June 25 th to Friday, June 29 th at 5:30pm on 3. Speaking about the possible reconciliation, Home and Away star Rhiannon Fish has revealed that her character, April could reunite with ex-boyfriend Dex (Charles Cottier).

After recently breaking up with Lottie (Morgan Weaving), Dex has already admitted that he still has feelings for April. However, his revelation is not well received by April due to the poor timing while her sister Bianca (Lisa Gormley) is in hospital.

“April can’t think about anything else besides her sister and making sure she gets better,” Fish explains. “So she is completely thrown when Dex confesses his love for her, and is almost annoyed by the fact he’s chosen now of all times to tell her he loves her. It seems like a really inappropriate time.”

However, Irene (Lynne McGranger) tells April that she may have made the wrong decision.

“Irene comes out with a few things that make April stop and think. She tells her, ‘You’ve been pining over this boy for months and he wants to be with you and you’ve thrown it back in his face. What are you doing?'”

“April needs that snap into reality and go, ‘What am I doing? I love him and I need to try and make this work’.” Could his mean that the on-again, off-again couple could be back on? Find out when Home and Away screens Monday, June 25 th to Friday, June 29 th at 5:30pm on 3.

5:30pm – Monday, June 4 on TV 3

As if her life wasn’t complicated enough, this week’s Home and Away sees Bianca (Lisa Gormley) rushed to hospital with concerns for her unborn child. Home and Away screens Monday, June 4 th to Friday, June 8 th at 5:30pm on 3.

This week’s storyline sees Bianca needing emergency medical attention and Heath (Dan Ewing) rushing to the hospital to support the mother of his child. “Bianca’s flipping out and Heath could lose his chance to be a dad,” Dan Ewing explains. “Despite all the stuff with Liam [Bianca’s husband] that’s gone on, Heath really does want to be a father and is fearing for the baby’s safety.”

In the aftermath of the scare, Bianca’s doctor tells her that she needs rest and have less stress in her life. Heath then shows a more mature side by agreeing to keep his distance for a while. “He thinks, ‘I’ll take a step back because I want you and the baby to be safe’.

“He’s really made the decision that he wants to be part of his kid’s life. He never got the opportunity with [his eldest child] Darcy when she was younger and he really wants that with this kid.” Will Heath’s new attitude change Bianca’s mind about Heath being more involved in the baby’s life? Find out when Home and Away screens Monday, June 4 th to Friday, June 8 th at 5:30pm on 3.

5:30pm – Monday, May 21 on TV 3

Home and Away’s Liam (Axle Whitehead) will finally reach breaking point and tell his wife Bianca (Lisa Gormley) that he wants to end their marriage in his week’s unmissable Home and Away , screening Monday, May 21st to Friday, May 25th at 5:30pm on 3.

Liam makes the shocking decision as he realises that he cannot live with the fact that Bianca is carrying Heath’s (Dan Ewing) child. “He’s not particularly happy,” Axle Whitehead explains.

“It’s just been such a tough time, what with Heath and the whole town knowing”

The storyline will see Liam and Bianca planning to leave Summer Bay to escape the complicated situation, but Liam feels compelled to give up on Bianca altogether when he realises that she does not want to go.

“Bianca leaves work and is saying goodbye to April and it’s sort of in that moment where Liam can see that underneath she doesn’t really want to go,” Whitehead explains. “She has a lot more at stake in Summer Bay than Liam does.”

Revealing what it was like to film the emotional scenes, Whitehead says: “It was a heavy time and a big moment. You draw on your own experiences – and I’ve been through my fair share of rocky break-ups!”

Home and Away screens Monday, May 21st to Friday, May 25th at 5:30pm on 3.

5:30pm – Monday, April 30 on TV 3

Despite her constant resistance, this week’s Home and Away sees Summer Bay bad-boy, Heath (Dan Ewing) continuing to make a strong, upfront play for Bianca (Lisa Gormley). Home and Away screens Monday, April 30 th to Friday, May 4 th at 5:30pm on 3. According to Axle Whitehead, who plays Bianca’s husband Liam on the series, this week will see Heath attempt to woo his ex-girlfriend Bianca, after discovering that he is the father of her unborn child. “Poor Bianca is trying to juggle herself through this situation and Heath is making it difficult for her, because he’s always wanted to be with Bianca and he used April (Rhiannon Fish) to get at her,” Whitehead explains.

“Liam can see Heath is trying to bring Bianca over to his side and this aggravates him more and more to the point where it could be the end of their marriage.”

“It’s a very tough time, so we’ll just have to see what happens. Sometimes I think that he puts up with a lot of crap from Bianca!”

Does this mean Heath’s latest advances could prove to be the straw that broke the camel’s back? Find out when Home and Away continues Monday, April 30 th to Friday, May 4 th at 5:30pm on 3.

5:30pm – Monday, April 23 on TV 3

This week’s unmissable Home and Away sees Casey (Lincoln Younes) confronted by April (Rhiannon Fish) after she discovers he’s secret relationship with Summer Bay teacher Henri Brown (Emma Leonard). Home and Away screens Monday, April 23 rd to Friday, April 27 th at 5:30pm on 3. April uncovers the student-teacher romance when she spots the pair kissing in Wednesday episode. Lincoln Younes says Casey is concerned when April voices her disapproval over his antics, but is still reluctant to end things with Henri.

“Casey is mortified,” Younes explains. “His fear is if April knows, then word can get out quickly and ruin what he and Henri have.”

Henri considers giving up her teaching career for Casey when she discovers that April knows the truth. However, Younes says that Casey’s older brothers Heath (Dan Ewing) and Brax (Steve Peacocke) are likely to be unhappy about the relationship whether Henri is a school staff member or not.

“Heath used to date Henri, so he would not approve at all, while Brax is so protective of Casey, his main concern would be for Casey’s education and future and, of course, to protect him from getting hurt.”

Make sure not to miss all the revelation of this forbidden romance when Home and Away screens Monday, April 23 rd to Friday 27 th at 5:30pm on 3.

5:30pm – Monday, April 16 on TV 3

Following Leah’s (Ada Nicodemou) shocking revelation which saw her admit her true feelings for the Summer Bay bad-boy, this week sees Brax (Steve Peacocke) thrust even further into Leah’s life in Home and Away, screening Monday, April 16 th to Friday, April 20 th at 5:30pm on 3. This latest love twist for Brax comes just a few weeks after his girlfriend Charlie (Esther Anderson) lost her life in tragic circumstances. But what fans really want to know is whether he will respond to Leah’s affections?

“Look, anything can happen,” Steve Peacocke explains. “He’s in a really bad place, Leah has lost loved ones before, and they’ve both got this mutual connection to Charlie. But I think it’s better if Brax sorts himself out before he starts looking at other women.”

But following the recent announcement that series writers will be writing Nicodemou’s real life pregnancy into the show’s storyline, fans are already speculating over a possible Brax and Leah romance.

“I think maybe we should get a new character in,” Nicodemou says of her on screen pregnancy.

“I think Leah should have a one-night stand. I think she needs to live a little. I sprang it [her real-life pregnancy] on the producers like I did everyone else and I think they’re trying to write it in as we speak.”

“I can’t say,” adds Peacocke. “All I can say is he really misses Charlie! In real life, if you lost someone who means as much to you as Charlie means to Brax, you’d be doing a lot of soul-searching for a long time, so it’s going to take someone pretty special to catch his eye.” But is Leah that special someone?

Find out when Home and Away continues Monday, April 16 th to Friday, April 20 th at 5:30pm on 3.

Indi and Romeo

Indi tells Sid what she saw with Romeo and Ruby. Romeo comes back and tries to explain nothing happened with Ruby and that she is just a friend. Indi is still furious and isn’t sure she can trust him.

Logan sees Indi and Romeo arguing and tries to step in, which doesn’t impress Romeo.

Romeo isn’t sure whether to continue on the surf tour competition.

Romeo: “Cos if you don’t trust me, then what the hell is our marriage about?”
Indi: “Right now I don’t know.”

Later, Romeo buys flowers for Indi and wants to fix things with her.

Romeo: “Why did you come to the motel last night?”
Indi: “I don’t know, I just wanted to see you compete.”
Romeo: “…or maybe you were checking up on me?”
Indi: “No, it wasn’t like that at all.”
Romeo: “I don’t believe you. Do you have any interest in getting past this? I mean, what happens next time I go away, you’re just going to turn up in the middle of the night and try and catch me cheating on you?”
Indi: “What, is that what this is about? You need to calm your hysterical wife down before the next surfing comp?”
Romeo: “No.”
Indi: “Here I am thinking our marriage might be over and you’re worried about surfing.”
Romeo: “What?”
Indi: “Forget it.”
Romeo: “No, I won’t forget it. Our marriage might be over, are you serious?”
Indi: “Look, just do whatever you need to do, cos I don’t care any more.”

Logan spots Indi going for a walk on the beach and hangs out with her.

The Hendersons

Sid suspects that Alan Henderson’s wife is trying to poison him.


Dex desperately wants a new car.


Sasha is reminded by Xavier of a signed note she wrote to Stu in the book “Romeo and Juliet” that’s at his house. She wrote: “let’s die for love, you go first”. She freaks out and decides to break in and get it from his house, against Xavier’s strong warnings.

However, she is caught by Stu’s mum in the house!