Hope In Hell

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Hope In Hell Thursday, May 3, 11.25pm

When war or natural disaster strikes, it is the volunteers who respond – humanitarian heroes often forsaking their own safety to bring hope to those less fortunate. For 12 months, the Hope In Hell cameras had exclusive access to New Zealand Red Cross delegates at work in some of the world’s major trouble spots. Now, TV2 screens these stories.

Many Kiwis have thought about doing humanitarian work, but very few actually take up the challenge. Those that do are a unique breed. These often unassuming and meek heroes are making more of a difference each day than many people could hope to achieve in a lifetime. Hope In Hell tells their stories – each episode looks at a day in the life of just a few of these amazing people as they go about the business of bringing Hope In Hell to those less fortunate.
In today’s first episode, Hope In Hell travels to Indonesia and West Africa. After the December 26, 2004, Tsunami; the Red Cross flew in a Norcross field hospital to Sumatra’s badly damaged northern-most city of Banda Aceh. Taupo nurse Colleen Clark was one of the first to head over to help out. Hope In Hell follows her daily activities – from the tent that she lives in to the 40-degree temperatures in the tents she works in. It’s a chance to delve into the hospital itself and see how a real Red Cross field hospital operates and a chance to find out what sort of person does this work and why.

Also on tonight’s show, a 15-year-old boy is choppered into the field hospital, with x-rays revealing a severely broken leg. It’s been broken for two months. The boy’s dad is frightened they’re going to cut the boy’s leg off, and as the boy is wheeled into theatre for the operation, viewers meet Swedish surgeon Louis Riddez. A 14-mission Red Cross veteran, Louis talks about dealing with gunshots and surgery at the Somalia Red Cross field hospital… every mission is different.

And, finally, Hope In Hell travels to Liberia in West Africa. Grant Hargreaves is a logistician with the Red Cross. He’s been posted to Monrovia in Liberia after the country’s bloody civil war. Here, he’s responsible for getting supplies into Liberia and out to where they are needed the most – and things are starting to get difficult. The rainy season is about to descend on Liberia and that means the roads will be inaccessible for months. Grant has just a few weeks to get the last of his supplies out to the Red Cross field centres around the country.

Hope In Hell screens Thursday nights on TV2 at 11.25pm.